Sanctuary of Oropa



In 1920, Dorothy Garrett, the day before the coronation and the presence of over fifty thousand people received the gift of speech. And with a clear voice made the necessary thanks to Mary.

Healing of the Virgin of Oropa

The same happened with Antonio Cerruti that until the age of ten he had never spoken on the day of coronation, while the parents called for him to grace, formulated the first words and then began to speak freely.

The wife of John of the Garden was sick for four months and free speech. Taken a vow to Our Lady of Oropa, recovered his health and ability to speak. Did not keep voting in the fixed and so it was taken over by evil. Only when he went to Oropa to fulfill the vow finally regained health.

Countess Margaret Gromo had become blind, was taken to obtain the grace to walk to where Oropa recovered perfectly the view that lasted until the last days of his life.

Giovanni Colonna wounded in the thigh with the gun was crippled and forced to walk with crutches. Commending the Virgin of Oropa threw away his crutches and went to thank the Sacred Mountain.

Martin Fauzia stood still without being able to get out of bed, having invoked the Holy Virgin of Oropa rose immediately recovered from the bed. Then he went to the shrine to meet his vote.

The noble Nicholas Collon was born a child without any sign of life. Implored the Virgin of Oropa and application to the head of the child a picture of the Madonna that had touched the statue. Immediately cool the meat of the child began to cry.

Count Giacomo Mitolo had a gangrenous wound, declared incurable. Having gone to the Holy Mount the wound disappeared.

The wife of Michael Dol, sergeant of the regiment of Piedmont, had a sick wife Catherine and dumb for twenty-five months. Capacity at Oropa recovered his health and speech.

In 1711 Giuseppe Antonio could not stand and was forced to walk with crutches. Led to Oropa recovered his health.

In the same year Joseph Sereno recovered his sight he had lost to an accident.

Mary Levi had a tumor on his arm. Useless remedies were applied. He climbed to the shrine on foot and made a novena eating only bread and obtained through the Grace, the complete healing.

In 1826 Maria Daniela was dumb and used crutches to walk. When you make a novena in the Church of the Virgin of Oropa got the perfect healing that produced a general astonishment. Left hanging on the wall of the basilica, the crutch is no longer necessary.

In 1859 Charles Pizzoglio was severely tortured for a long time and was seen walking with two crutches. Despite its state of health, for the feast of the Coronation of the Virgin of Oropa climbed on foot from Biella to the Sacred Mount a 10 Km long road And there, during the Mass tells of the miracle: "I felt a big jolt in the body" felt relieved that Mary gave him the grace. Obtained grace left his crutches at the shrine.

In 1869 Mary Meinardi incurably ill was taken to the Sanctuary of Oropa and after many entreaties got the cure. Instantaneous healing was notified by the Bishop of Biella Monsignor Peter Losana, with the unanimous opinion of theologians and priests.

In 1920 Miglietti John was seriously ill and in desperate conditions. Medicine could not do anything. Having recommended the Virgin Mary with the vote going to walk in his sanctuary, he recovered with great astonishment of the doctor and relatives.


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