Sanctuary of Oropa



The graces of conversion although newspapers are the most important, but only in some cases, the converts will require registration and publication at the Sanctuary.

Conversion to the Sanctuary of Oropa

In 1564 a man was in mortal sin. Twenty-five years he could not confess. He was a captain in the art of war that took all the freedom and satisfaction. Then one day, came to Oropa and the Virgin Mary touched his heart. Not only purged his conscience, but repented and wept for his sins. Finished, he left determined to change its resolution. Dwelt in a hermitage where he cultivated his devotion to the Madonna with harsh penances.

Carlo Gastaldi age of eighteen he was declared physically. He appealed to the Virgin Oropa for healing. After having obtained, in 1818 he went to Oropa to vote and thanks and there I decided to embrace the ecclesiastical state. Entered the Congregation of St. Philip of Biella acted with zeal and charity, so that the population of Biella wanted to raise a monument on his grave in the cemetery of Oropa.

Teresa Giovannini suffering from excruciating pain he sought healing from medicine, being useless human relief went to Oropa. Come to the Holy Mount went to confession, but lacking humility altered the words of the Confessor. So did not have the grace of healing.

Back home her son convinced her to redo a wide confession of all sins, to make the resolution to die rather than offend God, to go to Oropa as a vote in the event of recovery. And Our Lady not only healed her body, as soon as he returned reconciled to Oropa obtained the conversion of heart.

Priest tells of a wealthy family of a man who confessed that he had drifted away from Church for forty years, then confessed his sins. After the confession came before the Virgin of Oropa and felt flooded with joy and consolation that he had never felt in his heart, was the conversion.

A young man went to Oropa contemptuous and everything appeared in the chapel of the Virgin, there a hidden force forced him to fall to his knees. Including the burden of his sins, and after eighteen years he confessed. The Virgin, in his goodness, converted his heart.

A man who had gone to Oropa, just entered the shrine felt a hidden force that the obligation to pray. Terminate the prayers she feels a strong desire to confess their sins. So, after eighteen years, the world his soul and had the grace of conversion. From the sanctuary, exclaiming: "I am happier than any gain in the world. Thank you Holy Mary of your mercy."

A girl, the daughter of a prostitute and she became a prostitute, came to Oropa went to confession and Communion unworthily. In the days after going to the chapel to attend the Mass and it's hard to touch the heart of the Virgin. Back to confession with a good layout and so recover the peace that had long since lost. Felt transformed and full of joy.


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