Saint John Bosco


Saints Only the well-educated youth can bring order and morality, unlike the vice and disorder. Religion is only able to start the great work of a true and effective education.

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Pedagogy of John Bosco

Don Bosco was always friendly and when he welcomed a new student at the Oratory, having conquered his heart with jovial questions, he asked them. "Do You want to be my friend ?. I want to help you save your soul. Do you understand what I want about you ?. I want to go together with you to paradise." And meanwhile, his watchful eye penetrated everything and guess the character, mind and heart. Known the student's ability, what attracted to him sweet and strong, like no other was able to do..

The Saint told them: "play, jump, have fun, but do not sin." Don Bosco is the great good man of this world, but the offense against God becomes inexorable. He continued: "You will be happy at maturity if the end of youth observe the Divine Commandments, and what torment you more than anything else at the time of death, is to have acquired bad habits in youth." Then he went to educators: "Do not let the young never alone, if it is possible go with them to the place where they meet: be with them until they take over with one another to assist them: above all never be unemployed".

When asked the secret to being the owner of many hearts, the Holy answered: "Faith and reason are the two pillars of my education system. The educator must be convinced that all or nearly all of these young ones, have intelligence. It is natural to know the good that they do personally, and also are equipped with a sensitive heart, easily open to recognition. When they are together, with the help of the Lord, do come into their souls the principal mysteries of our holy religion, we recalls the immense love God has for man: when you come to vibrate in his heart rope recognition in exchange for the benefits we have shared long, when finally the pillar of the reason it has become the true recognition of the Lord develops and supports the desire, in respect of the provisions, especially those that instill the observance of our reciprocal duties.

Religion, in this system, makes muzzle to the mouth of the fiery steed that dominates it: why then does what the flange, that pressing the effect to be obtained. Real, genuine religion, which dominates the actions of the youth that the religion correctly applied in all holy principles governing their actions. Here, in brief, it is summarized, the system that I follow.

There are two educational systems: one is repressive and the other is perceptive. The first aims to educate the man with the force, repression or punishment, when it has broken the law, when it has committed a fault, the second wants to educate the sweetness, so gently helps to observe the same law and supplies the most effective means: this is the system between us".

The repressive system.

This can prevent a disorder, but is unlikely to improve criminals: and it was observed that young people do not forget the punishments, but retain the bitterness by the desire to throw off the yoke to revenge ...

Different and opposite is the preventive system. It is to make known the requirements and regulations of an institute and then monitor so that they are always on, the watchful eye of the Director or the audience, as loving parents, talk to guide in every event, giving advice and correct kindly, that is, prevent young people from committing offenses".

The preventive system.

The system wants to spread in the hearts of young people the holy fear of God, love of virtue and horror of vice, with the teaching of the Catechism and with appropriate moral instructions, aimed at keeping them in the right path inspired by them with timely and benevolent advice, especially with the practices of piety and religion. Beyond that surrounds them, as soon as possible, a friendly existence of creation in school and at work: they are encouraged with words of encouragement, but forget their own homework, they are reminded of good manners and they are called with good advice. In a word, all the methods that suggest Christian charity, to do well and flee from evil, and it is the beginning and the basis of his conscience, enlightened and supported by the Religion used.

The educator, who has won the heart of his protégé, may exercise great authority over him, warn him, advise and even correct. The system includes some difficulties, however, are diminished if the education is done with zeal to work. The educator is a person devoted to the welfare of their students, so be prepared to face any disturbance, any fatigue to get close, that is civil, moral and scientific education of their students.

Whatever the character, nature, morals of a student at the time of acceptance, relatives can rest assured that their child does not get worse and can say for certain that an improvement is obtained. To certain children who have long been the scourge of their families and, therefore, rejected at home, teach according to these principles, they changed their attitude and character if given good habits and occupy honorable professions in society, reaching the breadwinner, useful citizens and good Christians.

Specifically, the system is well established: the Director's father rather than supervisor; others higher, at best, brothers. Students are younger siblings. Affection and trust unite the members of the family, because those educated paternally and these are guided by love.

Frequent Communion, daily Mass are the columns that should govern an educational building, from which you want to have the threat and away the stick. Never force young people to frequent the Blessed Sacrament, but only encourage and expand your comfort advantage. In the case of the Spiritual Exercises, put in relevance beauty, greatness, sanctity of Religion which proposes the easiest, so useful to civil society, to the tranquility of the heart, soul salvation means, such as precisely are the sacraments.

Do not forget the sweetness of modes: seek the hearts of young people through love; always remember the maxim of St. Francis de Sales: "It flies caught before with two drops of honey than with tons of gall".

  • Consider them like your brothers, kindness, patience and respect. Here are the keys to your heart.
  • Make them learn only what they can and no more. Do read and hearken to the text of the book without digressions.
  • Ask them very often and invite them to read, display, read and display.
  • Always encourage them, never humiliate them cheer when possible, never despise.
Young people need to be populated. Beyond the regular school you are required to participate in more: in music lessons, singing and declamation. And its activity is maintained in useful exercise. If we do not keep them busy, they will be kept busy and certainly with no good ideas. Pay attention to the modesty of the vestment.

Only the Catholic religion is able to ascend the man beating spree, lust and ambition and practice temperance, honesty and modesty. The dignity of the world does not give true happiness. Man can only be happy when practiced virtue.