Saint John Bosco


Saints Don Bosco suffered serious suggestions whenever he wanted to undertake any major work for the greater glory of God.

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Don Bosco and the enemy

  • "Asleep, I hear a deep voice in the ear that stuns me, and even a breath shaking me like a storm. Three nights I hear that the firewood was cut. These nights, then the stove is off, the fire ignited by itself and a terrible flare is released as if the whole house burn ... ".

  • At night, sometimes, I feel a mysterious hand slowly move to my feet and pull the rug ... Sometimes starting to swing the pillow under my head, just at the time when I will take the dream only the sign of the cross stops this annoyance.

  • After having prayed a prayer ... I'm just about to fall asleep, the bed is agitated by an invisible force. Other times, the door to my bedroom seems to yield under the shock of a violent wind. Often I hear insolent and frightening noises in my room ...

  • Suddenly, overnight, the door to my room opens with a roar and see inside, with open jaws, a horrible monster advancing to devour. I make the sign of the cross and the monster disappears.

  • "To sleep, I lay supine, when I feel a huge weight in the stomach, which oppresses me to almost keep me breathe ... I see the table dance ... sometimes I see a shape that looks like a bear, a tiger, wolf or a thick snake looked awful: I see them move around the bedroom, climb into my bed and then there are ...".

  • One night, while I try to sleep, the devil take the bed, raises and then drops it in such a strong way that a violent jerk goes all my body; I had the impression that the blood itself I was going out through the head ... The devil bothers me every night, moving and shaking windows and doors ... ... and finally hits so strong in the earth, looking like a shotgun blast.

  • Don Bosco related "... I was just lying there, and as I began to fall asleep, when I felt that someone grabbed me from behind and I felt a strong tremor that frightened me tremendously. But who are you?. I screamed and turned on quickly the light and dressed. I looked in every corner of the room, but found nothing. Examine the door of my room and was closed. I went back therefore to bed when I felt in the stomach a strong weight pressing me and almost prevented breathing. In this miserable state I spent all night.

  • "Yesterday I was sleping at night - tells Don Bosco -. When I feel stop by the front, a cold pen handled slowly Then I lowered the cup, but that hand passing me the pen through the nose and mouth, bothering noses, so that it did not let me sleep or wink ...".

Hunting the devil and his temptations.

  • Don Bosco Advises : "At night gather this good habit before going to bed, slowly Utter a prayer and you will see that the devil will not tempt more. Pray always.. For the Lord, seeing you so much confidence and humility, give you the strength to resist temptations and he will come out on top.

  • What I recommend especially in the case of the devil came to tempt, is not discouraged. Will you assure victory ?. The best way is to show immediately the temptation to your spiritual director. The devil is the friend of darkness always work in the dark. If you discover it is up.

  • One night - Don Bosco related to his young - I think I was at the Oratory and see in a corner of the courtyard a guy who writes with remarkable speed. Eager to know who was and to whom he wrote, I tried to approach him, but he always shunned me. Finally I come and see he had a notebook in which he wrote, on papers, on one hand the name of the young and at the back, he painted figures of beasts. For one there was a pig, for another it had painted a double-edged tongue, for others, even long donkey ears which meant evil speeches for others drew an owl and other animals for others.

    Now I recognize you - I said to myself. He made two more turns around the yard, and while devoted entirely to his duty, looking and writing, someone rang the bell to go to church. The young men came and finally took him and went into the midst of the church and began to watch the young. Just at the moment of the Elevation, a very strong noise was heard: this sinister figure disappears and does so in a smoke piece of letters, was even burned the carnet that her hands. I thanked the Lord for having driven from his church to the devil. I realized I hear Mass scattered around the curse of the devil: I understood that the moment of the Elevation is terrible to the devil.

  • While Don Bosco tells a group of young people the terrible night of the times: Now I have no fear of a young demon interrupted. "Hush, do not say it" - said the Holy - "You do not know how strong is the devil: if the Lord permit him to do, you would die of fear only to see him." And how did you do to throw him ?. "I found the way to do flee, and for good season he does not appear anymore." And what is that way ?. "The sign of the cross, certainly." Yes, but not enough, you need more: the sign of the cross was valid only for that moment. With holy water ?. "In some cases, even the holy water is not enough What is certain is that not wish on anyone found in those terrible times like I found:. You need to pray that the Lord will never allow that your enemy spend such jokes".