Saint John Bosco


Saints One day Don Bosco blessed who held a cripple on crutches for 16 years and he immediately was healed and threw the crutches because he no longer needed. I, Don Dalmazio, asked Don Bosco: "How is it that he has been cured after the blessing?". The Saint answered: "The blessing of Maria Auxiliadora cured him".
I said, "I have also blessed many times with the same formula and nothing happened." The Saint added: "It's because you have no faith".

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Healings of Don Bosco

He made pills for sicks of bread crumbs, or dose of it, containing sugar or corn flour. The treatment consisted of taking them for 3 or 9 days combined with a number of Hail Mary, Salve Reginas, with the obligation to approach the Sacraments. With this recipe they were cured even from seriously illness.

Mrs. Carolina Rivolta Guenzati related: "A Milanese lady, who knew that the venerable Don Bosco was among us, came to honor him. Even before that the lady told him the illness, Don Bosco asked." Are you sick? " . Unfortunately I am, she answered, a couple of months ago, I have taken many medicines, and have practiced different devotions but they have not helped. Don Bosco then said, "Make a ninth to the Blessed Sacrament and pray five Our Fathers, Hail Marys and adding Glorias. Then eat and drink. Don Bosco I was told that you would heal me and I want to heal. "The next morning my family was amazed to find me free of all the trouble that for so long afflicted me.

For 9 months I stayed in bed, tormented by a cancer ossification and consumed by this illness, that produced me also severe pain. A part of the head and left cheek were also affected by the disease. Medicines of all kinds, medical expert consultations: not was avail. Don Bosco came to visit me and, after having told my disease, he replied… some people told me that, having entrusted to Maria Auxiliadora de los Cristianos, had received healing. I suggested a ninth to Maria Auxiliadora ...
If you get healing from Mary-he added, provide a devout offering to continue the work of the church being built in Valdocco, by the name of Maria Auxiliadora.
On the last day of the ninth, the priest considered to renew the visit and consoled me saying that I should put my hopes on Mary and before me, after a short prayer, I gave the blessing, then he added that the next day he would celebrate Mass for me.
The next day, as he began the Mass, I was praying with my family, when I realized I was getting better and then I find myself perfectly cured of a disease that, according to doctors, was incurable. Now I'm cured and possess a better health than that I had before the illness. I confirmed this grace of the Mother of God under the title of Maria Auxiliadora, auxilio de los Cristianos.
Turin March 26, 1866. Giuseppe Morelli, as mayor of Turin.

While Senator Antonio Cotta was lying in bed about to die, he was presented to Don Bosco. The patient just saw him he said: In a few minutes I will depart into eternity. "No," said Don Bosco, "the Virgin even need you in this world. It is necessary that you live to help in building her church. If I'm healthy, I promise to pay for six months two thousand francs for the Church of Valdocco". Don Bosco had prayed before leaving, a prayer for the sick and had given his blessing.
After three days Antonio Cotta was presented in the bedroom of Don Bosco, saying: ". Looked, the Virgin has cured me, nobody expected it. My family and relatives are shocked." Promptly, he paid the promised share and lived healthy and robust.

In 1866 Don Bosco reached Verzuolo while whipping cholera. During the homily he told the faithful: "The Blessed Virgin has not been invoked only in war, but also in epidemics of cholera You are infected. I must share with you my inspiration. Let’s do a short prayer together." Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners. "the cholera will disappear." So it was: cholera ceased and everyone was immune to the epidemic.

Don Bosco was close to the bedside of a patient, a woman who assisted the patient told him. "In its evolution the disease has taken various forms, in a couple of months it has degenerated into hydrops he has been operated a few times, but he is already worth giving again: doctors do not dare to touch him, because they say he would not support the operation".
Don Bosco said to the patient: "How long have you been in this state?." The patient answered:". For 3 years I have been suffering terribly. I could not make the slightest movement by myself and the doctors did not give me hope of cure ...".
"Vede signore", dice Don Bosco, "Avrei bisogno di tremila franchi".
Don Bosco said: "Well, Sir, I have need of three thousand francs."
"Well, if you get some relief for my troubles, I will try to please you."
Don Bosco gathered in the room to everyone in the house, including the Service, and invited them to pray special prayers to the Blessed Sacrament and Mary...
Finished praying, Don Bosco gave his blessing to the sick. Within minutes the patient dressed, walked around the room, prepared, got down the stairs, got out and headed to the Bank and gave Don Bosco the three thousand francs promised, saying: "I am completely cured.".

Headaches passing, fevers disappearing, sores and ulcers that heal, rheumatism and convulsions stop, instantaneous eye cures, teeth and kidneys: these are the ways used by Divine Mercy to supply Don Bosco the money needed to finish the church under construction dedicated to "Mary help of Christians".

Paolo, son of Count Eugenio, had his face and neck deformed by excessive swelling. Don Bosco blessed him. At night, the doctor noticed a slight improvement and decided to apply a cut than in previous days had been unable to practice. Since then the swelling began to fade and complete cure was achieved.

The two daughters of Countess Calderari were totally silent. The countess expressed strong pain to Don Bosco, which, he said if he had contributed to the construction of the Church of Maria Auxiliadora aid of Christians, Our Lady would have comforted. "But look they do not speak," said the Countess in a heartbreaking tone, pointing to the girls. "They will do Speak" repeated Don Bosco. And so it was.

Princess Orsini, although married for 18 years could not have children, so she went to the Saint, who replied. "You want to have a son, but the Lord would grant a female you need to resign and settle for a girl, she will be your comfort. "That's how it went. She had a healthy and virtuous daughter, she put her the name of Mary.

A Neapolitan prince, who suffered dizziness daily, with a single blessing of Don Bosco was cured.

Don Bosco came in the head of a woman lying in bed cancer for long ago. He encourages her to trust in Maria Auxiliadora, blessed her and send her the next day, which was Sunday, to attend Mass and make an offering to Maria Auxiliadora help of Christians. Don Bosco just left the room, the patient felt totally free from his illness. She rang the bell, the whole family came and she announces she was healed.

A man from Faenza related: My child was sick for four years and had no hope of life. A friend advised me to make a ninth to Maria Auxiliadora with the promise to make an offering to the church. I promised everything and added the vote to go near to Turin if I got my offering grace. God heard me. At Midway through the ninth my son was safe and in good health. I have done my duty and always blessed the Mother of Mercy Mary Help of Christians.

Teresa told Gambone: My daughter suffered from an illness in the eyes since the age of four. The doctors said that she was blind. Don Bosco blessed her and then told her to do some prayers to Mary Help of Christians. Now she is perfectly healed.

Don Rua got ill with a serious peritonitis. It worse to the limit, and, feeling hopeless, he asked Extreme Unction. Don Bosco said: "Dear Don Rua, I did not want you to help you die even in many things.". Then he blessed. The patient immediately began to improve and, some days later, against all odds, it is out of danger.

In a bedroom lied seven affected students with smallpox. Don Bosco said, "Do you have confidence in the Virgin?". All answered yes. He told the boys to pray a Hail Mary and then blesses them. They immediately were cured, even pustules disappeared.

Marchino Piero, a young from the Oratory, had a high fever. He got into the bed and in the afternoon the doctor prescribed a painkiller; He got a little better but then returned with force. The Ascension Day, the poor, seeing no better, jumped out of bed, dressed and got out of the Nursing, went to the sacristy, where Don Bosco was dressing to celebrate Mass. Don Bosco said to the boy: "Kneel", he blessed him and instantly free. The Young felt free from a great weight on his chest and the fever disappeared.

Giuseppina Longhi, a small paralyzed ten years, suffered terrible convulsions and could not stand. She had lost the use of his right hand, and one month after the talk. Despite the cures, she progressively worsened, with their mental faculties.
The mother took her to Don Bosco for the bless and when he was before the Holy, told the painful case and implored his blessing.
Don Bosco encouraged her to have faith, became the mother kneeling, gave the little sick the blessing of Mary Help of Christians and asked her to make the sign of the cross ...
The girl began talking and shouting: Mom Virgin has cured me. On hearing the voice, the mother gave a very strong cry and began to mourn. "Since the Virgin cured you" - added Don Bosco - "Thank her in your heart and pray the Hail Mary." Don Bosco invited her to walk through the room and she walked perfectly. The cure was complete.

A Salesian from the Oratory run to Don Bosco to tell him that his mother was dying. The Saint replied. "Rest assured, that your mother does not die, but will live a couple of years. Early morning before going home, pass through the sacristy, at seven-thirty, and I will give you the blessing for your mother. "Early Don Bosco gave his blessing and said: "It is the command to your mother and you, come home, find it perfectly cured". That was how it went.

A poor boy who could not walk or stand, was taken in a cart to the Holy. Don Bosco gave him the blessing of Mary Help of Christians, adding: "Now walk." The boy looked stunned, motionless. He repeated: "Walk". The boy stood up and started walking, instantly healed. The child's parents, awed, accompanied him home, proclaiming the fame of the healing obtained.

While Don Bosco was in Marseille, wrote Bishop Calogero. Miraculous cures were obtained by his prayers. If someone was looking for doctors, for the longed healing, he commands ninths, tridiums in churches. Don Bosco came into their homes, blessed the sick and poor patients and left the bed perfectly healed. I was present when he cured a young 14 years old who had cerebral palsy from birth.

Mrs. Pener was sick with an incurable cancer. Don Bosco told him: "At noon, get up and go to eat." And while Don Bosco was leaving, the patient said, "But I have no bad I am cured, I want to get up, give me the clothes...". Indeed, he was cured.