Saint John Bosco

Visions of Don Bosco

Saints Don Bosco was distressed because he had been expelled from the place where he led his young for religious education and recreational activities, and did not know where to take this dear youth.

To help the Holy and get him out of this oppression of spirit, an extraordinary dream that lasted all night returned to comfort him. A mysterious appearance comprised of interwoven and repeated images and wonderful events that converge on one point: the future of the Oratory.

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Vision I

Don Bosco related: It appeared that I was in a great plain full of an undetermined number of young people. Some provoked litigation, others blasphemed. Here one was stealing, beyond decency were offended. A lot of stones filled the air, the young fought and fought. They were abandoned by relatives corrupt youth. I thought I left them there, but I saw my lady who told me: Advance between those young people and work. I advanced, but what to do?.

I did not see any place to host: I wanted to do well. I went to people who were watching and that could have been of much help: but neither listened nor helped me. I went back then to the lady, who said, "This is the local", and showed me a meadow. I said, but here there is not a meadow. She replied: "My son and the Apostles did not have any ground to lay their heads".

I returned to my job, but this church was narrow, then I turned to her and she made me see another one much bigger with a house attached. Then she led me to a piece of cultivated land nearby, almost at the façade of the second church, and added. "In this place the glorious martyrs of Turin" Ottavio "and" Avventore "suffered martyrdom These slabs were washed and sanctified with his blood: I want God to be honored in a very special way".

Saying this, one foot forward, passing over the place where the martyrdom took place and she showed it exactly. I wanted to put a sign to find it when I returned to the field, but found nothing around me: not a stick or a stone, but kept in memory the place. Meanwhile, I found myself surrounded by a large and growing number of young people: but with an eye to the Lady also grew the means and location: and then I saw a large church, precisely in the place that she had made me see, where it took place the martyrdom of the saints of the Legion "Theban" with many buildings around and with a beautiful monument in the middle. While these things were happening, always in the dream, I received help from the priests who after giving me great assistance escaped.

I tried with great effort to attract them to me, but they soon afterwards went and left me alone. Then I turned back to the lady, who told me: "Do you want to know how to make so that they could not escape?. I took this tape reverently and tied them. I took the white ribbon from her hands and saw there written the word "obedience"..

I tried immediately as she said and began to tie the heads of each of my volunteers, and immediately saw a great and admirable effect: this effect grew gradually as I continued in the mission entrusted to me, since they abandoned the idea of leaving and stayed to help. Thus it was formed the Pious Salesian Society.

Vision II

It had seemed to Don Bosco to be on the north side of Valdocco, staring at the place known as the Dora, between the towering trees which at that time adorned the now Corso Margherita, had been down near the today Cottolengo, a field of vegetables, three beautiful young, glowing light, which were upright, standing in that room than in the previous dream he had been indicated as a backdrop of the glorious martyrdom of three soldiers of the legion "Theban" who invited them to descend and approach.

Don Bosco went quickly and having reached, accompanied them with great kindness toward the end of that field in which the Church of Maria auxiliadora rises majestically. Here, you travel in brief walk, from wonder to wonder, was faced with a wonderful magnificently dressed woman of indescribable beauty, majesty and splendor beside which he saw a group of elderly princes appearance.

To her as Queen, her entourage make countless dazzling characters of grace and wealth: appeared at the point where the altar was erected Sanctuary, he invited the Holy to approach; and as I was about, he said the three young men who had come to her, were the martyrs, Solutore, Avventore and Ottavio; almost I wanted to tell them that they were the special patrons of the place.

Then, with a lovely smile and warm words, he encouraged them not to abandon their children, but with greater impetus to continue the work undertaken. He added that he had found very serious obstacles, but that he had beaten and overcome by confidence in the Mother of God and His divine Son.

Finally he showed them a distant house, which then existed and had been owned by a Pinardi and a small church in the exact spot where the Church of San Francisco de Sales is with built annex. Then raising her right, with ineffably harmonious voice and worthy of veneration the Lady said, "This is my home Here is my glory". At the sound of these words Don Bosco remained emotionally, collected in front of the Virgin, with all the vision that accompanied her, slowly faded like mist in the sun.