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Saints We report some documents written by Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII about John Bosco.

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Pius IX

The favorite son Priest Juan Bosco, health and apostolic blessing. In the letter we wrote at nine of the last November saw a new proof of your singular faith, piety and reverence towards us and towards our supreme dignity. We understand, favorite son, what is the pain of your mood and other Ecclesiastical in this great confusion of Italy and the rebellion of some neighboring provinces of our time domain ...
The same faith in Italy is in danger: a lot of books and newspapers reported, not only for the city but even the towns of the peninsula, not only in the country of Piedmont, until in Tuscany and in the border provinces. Protestants vomit the poison of his wickedness, taking to this end, scholastic institutions, as clandestine and public, in which, with prizes, strive to attract the poor, unsuspecting youth.

In this storm, prompted by Satan, we, in humility of heart, are very grateful to God that his grace support and comfort to the Italian Bishops to safeguard, with boldness each to his own flock, the deposit of faith ...

We can then express with words of consolation, which provided us with that part of your letter, which we know that these calamities this time, your greatest alacrity, O Son Beloved, and other ecclesiastical persons, preaching the word of God and the dissemination of good books written, together with the courage and zeal, you strive to the utmost, to oppose the plans of the enemies of the Church. No more excellent thing is this act, and there is nothing more useful to promote and encourage piety in others.

Not be deprived of fruit your excellent application for the many young people entering the oratories on holidays and every day in schools, in appropriate hours, they will become even more fervent, either by Christian teachings, or the frequency of Sacraments. The care you have towards young poor people welcome in your Hospice gets very happy day success and increases the number of those who may become, then, useful ministers of the Church.

Continue, Favorite Son, the career you have undertaken for the glory of God and the good of the Church. It supports, if you come, any trouble, with magnanimity the tribulations of the present. Our hope is in God, which, for the protection of the Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the world, Immaculate Virgin Mary, he will deliver us from these great evils and will comfort his grieving Church, making triumph over his enemies ...

We ardently pray to the same God to custody and, with his peace, you cover with your right hand and will defend his holy arm. Pledge of heavenly help, we want to be the apostolic blessing, that with effusion and paternal affection of the heart and love will teach, Favorite Son and even students and disciples and all those who deal with these pious works, or frequent.

Given in Rome, at Saint Peter's, on January 7, 1860, the fourteenth year of Our Pontificate.

DECREE. Blessed Pius XI declared John Bosco

There are other men who live to heal such wounds, to raise charity in the ruins, no less great men, much larger in the good, the great love of humanity, major in doing good to the brothers, in their relief needs of men who spend raising a real admiration, full of sympathy, recognition, blessing just as the Redeemer of men, whose name is forever blessing.

The Venerable Don Bosco belongs to this category, that of men in all of humanity, charity and the Colossi of greatness, a figure that Divine Providence gives the Holy Father himself the great good, for He always appreciated and that at that time appreciated more than ever doubling and multiplying in memory the joy of the beautiful circumstance, to see very close, in a brief overview and not a momentary encounter not a figure whose magnificence, even the vast, unfathomable humility that soul She managed to hide or reduce; a magnificent that moving among men, deriving from their homes as the latest arrival, as the last of the guests, all recognized as the first, as the figure of great, long, dominant and captivating: a full figure, one of those souls either way it started, I had left much trace of itself, it was wonderfully appointed for life, with the strength and vigor of mind, with the charity of the heart, with the power of thought, affection, of the work, luminous, vast and high intelligence, with no common, in fact now, not ordinary force of wit, intelligence that says just such a man's wit would have truly been able to get what the scholar, the thinker . Golden Key. The secret of all this was in your heart, in your generosity burning feeling.

Pope Leo XIII

I urge the most necessary things for the Church. If they want to disperse the stones of the sanctuary; bring down the wall, and thus sow confusion in the City and in the House of Sion. They will not succeed, but will do much wrong. The Supreme Ruler of the Church on earth happen to provide, repair the damage that make enemies. Evil begins deficiency Evangelicals workers. It is difficult to find yeast in the well; why are sought with maximum application between the hoe and hammer, without regard for age or condition. They meet and grown until they are able to bear the fruits expected by people. Every effort, every sacrifice made for this purpose is always little compared the evil that can be prevented and the good that can be expected.

The children of the cloister, now living scattered, join and if they can not form dies homes strive to build one, but with all regulatory compliance. The children of the century, taken by the light of religious observance, adding to the number of children of prayer and meditation.
Recent religious families are called by the needs of the times. With the strength of faith, the material works, must fight the ideas of the man who sees only matter. Those who often despise those who pray and meditate, they will be forced to believe in the works of which they are eyewitnesses.
These new institutions need to be supported and favored by the Holy Spirit gets to rule and govern the Church of God.

Pope Leo XIII

Tu Don Bosco: will be afraid to go against you. You, in effect, with poor means, do colossal works. Even you know the work of your mission, and the good that it can bring to the Church. You have the mission to show the world that can be a good Catholic, yet good and honest citizen: to do much good for the poor and abandoned youth in all times, stealing a bad habit of politics and being still good Catholics. The Pope, the Church, the whole world thinks of you, in your Congregation and admires. And the world, or love you or fear you. Not you, but God who acts in your congregation. His admirable growth, the well you do not have originated from human causes; God himself guide, says and lead your congregation. Say it, write it, and preach it. It is this secret that made you win every obstacle and every enemy.