The man of today has shaken all scruples dictated by conscience and has become the arbiter of himself. He became the principle of good and evil, and pride is the high place of God so we can synthesize modern thinking imbued with omnipotence and indifference to the good.

The perception of sin

Yes, man oblivious to the "Sin" has lost the perception of God, morality and was thrown on the night of pride. He decided to act in real life with ethical laws totally contrary to God and to love, but suitable to the pleasure, exploitation, possession and personal glory. He demolished the barriers erected by the consciousness that bordered between good and evil, hatred by love and now no obstacle can disturb his immoral way that has resulted in many despair, anxiety and loss.

Pius XII wrote: "Perhaps the biggest sin in the world today is that men have begun to lose its sense of sin" (October 26, 1946). The basic reason of the forgetfulness of God's law is the loss of spiritual language. The reality of the experience of God was certainly not eliminated, however, is filled with darkness. What is most sentenced today in social discourse is the search for God this obscuring of the relationship with God casts a shadow on even the darkest ethical references. The silence on the rights of God causes vertigo in human relationships.

There is spiritual ignorance that wants to impose itself, the inability to speak with a spiritual language of spiritual realities. Now, to recognize the gifts of God there is no need of human wisdom, but a language "taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual thing in spiritual terms." (Cor 2:13).

This loss of spiritual language is the result of a process of secularization, which dates from the fifteenth century to the late Middle Ages in Europe, a cultural phenomenon strongly accentuated after the Renaissance and the Reformation of the crisis, but even more due to the influence of materialism.

As part of a society without hope, the anguish of guilt cannot be accepted but denied by the acceptance of violence rooted in social relations, in its justification of him with the guilt relocate elsewhere.

The need to move beyond the guilt is to find a way out of suffering that she could not keep a name, from areas unreachable, far from everyday life, even at the margins of our human world. And if the fold of the speech is not enough, there is the subject of getting lost in the madness and sometimes suicide.

Only the word of the confession redeems the subject. For those who dare to say: "It is I, found guilty, and accepts his past and all its living by being open to the other word. The madness is not necessarily the absurdity, but the fact of not expecting anything from the word of the other.

Our society is suffering terribly absence of social practices and symbolic reconciliation. Only the word of forgiveness, just because a name to blame, can allow a man to be freed from the burden of guilt and agreeing to be loved as he is in truth.

"Sin is an offense against reason, truth and right conscience and a failure in genuine love for God.

Sense of sin, being aware of its gravity means relate to divine revelation through the relationship of divine love. The revelation is not separate from knowledge of His infinite mercy which enables us, when invoked, to obtain pardon and to return to his light under a white robe. The revelation of the Gospel invites us to take Christ at the center of our choices, to accept his sublime message of love.

You must say "enough" to the logic of profit, success, to injustice and embrace the true freedom that is to have a pure heart, an ethic based on love, a loving surrender to God's laws.


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