Confession is the word that sinful man assumes his guilt.

To confess is to declare that you are responsible for the reprehensible conduct that took place.

Sacrament of Confession

Confession is thus the word by which we declare ourselves the architects of sin. Confession is an act composed of words that become effective words, as in confession the word does what he says and says what he does. The confession is an act of speech, as are the promise and the recognition, adoption, the profession of faith. The most important aspect of confession is therefore not a description of its contents: confess not mean to tell in detail the full range of thoughts and actions. Confess means, quite simply, saying, "It's me!" At the very moment in which they reveal our faults and our weaknesses.

The essence of true confession is to recognize our sin as such, thus recognizing sinners: "Father I have sinned against heaven and against you".
(Luke 15:18).

What should guide our reflection on the confession is the fact that it is a word that actually makes it possible to recognize the reality of our situation and personal relationships with others.

The fact of admitting almost always has a liberating effect, as if too heavy a burden mitigated by the one who was able to speak his guilt. This can be explained by the function of the word that makes present the reality it expresses. Talking is always to live a little 'or relive what you speak. But how do you explain then the sense of liberation experienced in certain facts painful fault? The Joy mainly because it establishes or restores a share with each other.

If the singularity of the confession of sin is that it is addressed to God himself, albeit through his agent. This strongly underlines the aspect of the confession statement of position rather than a statement of something. The content of the confession was the main intention to implement this as sinners, so that it is empty of substance to the extent reduced to an abstract formula. However, a sinner never accuse a specific measure of sin, is something that is not committed to anything.

The truth of the confession, however, is judged by the change of life. The confession is not only an act of speech but as an action of a free man should become able to assume full responsibility for their actions. And it is in the confession that the free man accepts his own sinfulness, to the extent that they want the same profound change. The confession is the word of humility that opens the heart to the grace of conversion.

What disturbs our relationship with God and with others not so much our mistakes and our weaknesses, but rather the fact that they misunderstood and deny them. The confession expresses and exposes our weakness to God's mercy and forgiveness of others. The confession in short, is the acceptance of the gift of reconciliation is the word that makes a real true love. The confession of sin is a practice that allows for more concrete knowledge of sin in the experience. We intend to sin only when we recognize ourselves as sinners.


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