The events that sometimes develops in human life seem mysterious and determine anxiety and agitation. The cause of suffering is frightening and shakes.

Sin gives birth to suffering

It is written in Ecclesiastes. "Accept whatever befalls you, and be patient in the most humiliating adventures: as gold is purified in the fire, so those elected in the embers of grief, trust in God, he will help you."

In the sufferings that plague the humans sin is of great importance, because it creates pain, wickedness and even disasters. The disease may resemble those concentric circles, generated by a falling stone in the calm waters of a pond, spreading, becoming gradually larger and larger. One among the many roots of evil is the love of money that drag greed, greed, exploitation, wickedness, selfishness, greed and penetrates both mind and heart, to enslave people and make them immune to any even small piece of love, obscure the reasons of others. They are not aware of the suffering caused by their iniquity, and boast of their way of being. For these scoundrels there is not ever a joy in my heart, nor will they have peace in your soul.

Sin; in addition to settling with its roots in malignant that does evil deeds, it creates suffering in those who must endure the evil. In this scenario, each sin is in addition to all the sins committed by others, as is clearly visible in society as unfair and perverse: it is manifested in the fun without limits, being in the wild, in the enjoyment associated with every possible pleasure and illicit. Sin also produces evil which in turn causes pain, distress and undermines the strength of will.

It is time to look with horror at the sin even if you do not understand its severity and its harmful consequences. Consider also the terrible punishment of the damned who appear before the tribunal of God with great guilt. Recovered because now a clear conscience and upright, do not be weakened by the greed, drives with force every thought misleading, not to shirk their duty and fight.

Now that you feel the desire to understand what change is hard to get good, a change difficult and fraught with obstacles, but do not grieve for the beloved Jesus runs attentive to those who implore his aid. Open the door of the soul and let it come into your heart, confidingly penalties, contrasts, disappointment, discouragement, disagreements, and he hopes you will understand.

You can dive unfailing love of Jesus to wash your impurities and not be afraid of all the iniquities endured over time: your God is ready to forgive you for your tireless and endless mercy.

Highlight your defects without hiding them or justify them, and present it to Him with true repentance and humility and relive the distant paths where you lost you and He will help you to take a new path, away from the desolate echoes of the past.

With His help you will definitely break the bonds with sin, you can get rid of the mud and feel at peace with yourself, you can also regain the deeper harmony and well-being of the soul serene.

Then God will be your light and guide you on a straight path, you will discover its high peaks, will reveal his immense dignity and you will discover that nothing in life is trivial or ephemeral, but all regain a sense in the divine. A shy smile heart will rejoice and be ready to fly to meet your Lord.


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