No longer able to receive personal sin to change behavioral patterns that dominate in society.

Conversion of the heart

Today, as a result of scandal, injustice, authoritarianism, has changed the sense of morality and sin is rooted in collective guilt, making the most abject debauchery staff a pittance. It is time to rediscover the sense of sin to recover, through the sacrament of reconciliation, healing and salvation of the soul must overcome the narrow-mindedness and spiritual myopia to find the bright image of God.

Sin darkens the heart, confuses the intellect, makes the miserable reality shatters the bond of friendship with God is the evil that corrupts the heart, and it is just the heart of men coming out the intentions of evil, impurity, theft, murder , adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. And yet "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good, the bad man from his evil treasure brings forth evil." Well, if it is coming from the heart of the evil intentions and action unjust, then it is just the heart that must make the conversion to cut the immorality and regain the capacity to forgive.

Sin binds to the vices, enslaved, sad, oppressive, and leading to misery, remove the infinite Love, the only one able to shed light on our weaknesses.

God is the good Father who can give us the ability to love through His forgiveness, a forgiveness that should not be confused with tolerance and permissiveness. This can be achieved by offering forgiveness of our poverty, the emptiness of our heart, contrition for the miseries and discover through our nothingness, how necessary it is his merciful intervention.

Then, as the son repented, we can to meet each other, shouting: "Father I have sinned against heaven and against you, I no longer deserves to be called your son." Through the sacrament of Confession we can free ourselves from sin, find the force, lift us up and restore the dignity of children.

It is wonderful to follow Jesus as he goes in search of the lost sheep into the abyss of sin, to bring it back on the right path that leads to the Father's house. In this way the confession should be seen as a journey of faith in which Jesus saves us by telling us the hope of salvation.

Many in the Confession, wandering, focus only on a detailed list of sins and do not understand that is not the declaration of the sins that saves, but the love of God in reconciliation, we are before the word of God that reveals its greatness of love and heals us. "Therefore I tell you, her many sins are forgiven, for she loved much." In this Gospel account of the woman, with her tears washed the feet of Jesus, has revealed a deep love and sincere repentance.

The tears flow only from a heart overflowing with love and sorrow. Everyone should, likewise, shed tears for the many bitter betrayals; offenses brought sublime love of Jesus and at the same time, shed tears of gratitude for the grace of God that heals the wounds of our senseless act and dirty sin.

Yet how difficult is it to confess their sins and weaknesses without looking for excuses and justifications, but recognizing one's sin and pointing: "That's me." After this bath of humility may succeed to the liberating effect that brings about inner peace and recognize the greatness of God.

The holiness of God is like a mirror that more approaches, more shows every little flaw though. Forgiveness is therefore the love that gives itself and restores the relationship of exchange of love that only the heart can grasp and understand. It gives birth to the joy of knowing they are loved and accepted.

The Lord invites us to a profound conversion and we need to collect this call to ask for His forgiveness by his infinite mercy. Do not indulge in taking this path towards a future filled with hope, intimate gathering the Lord's invitation: "Do not sin again".


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