Some are convinced that it is sufficient to find a direct line to God for forgiveness without the help of the priest, and I am also sure that, God searches the hearts, then why should list what God already knows?

Why confess to a priest?

To learn more should be said that the role of confession is not primarily to respond to a psychological need to confide. In the confession, the priest is like a doctor from whom you go to ask for healing and forgiveness of the Lord, yet the priest is often witness to the psychological liberation brought about by the penitent is able to relieve the guilt particularly heavy to bear: such as shameful a passion, an ancient hatred, jealousy, a ruthless, marital infidelity, lies, etc ..

The confession is not like some people think a penance or a humiliation that God requires us to grant us his forgiveness, for reconciliation in a priest must not only lead the list of sins committed but the humble acknowledgment of our sinful condition, with a sharp willingness to get out.

Our penitential gesture is not intended to produce the divine forgiveness, as if God could move from resentment to forgiveness, but to accept it. This gesture is the encounter between man's initiative and action God's transforming love that will strengthen our will to change. In the sacrament of confession will find our reconciliation with God, with ourselves and with others. God has waited patiently and now awaits us with open arms the return of his son healed and welcomed him with boundless joy.

In essence, the confession is a declaration of love, why not go to a priest to list only the list of my sins, but I'm going to repeat the Lord that despite my previous denials I love him again and this feeling is the result of the heart of grace, therefore, the confession becomes the outward manifestation of my inner desire for change.

Why a priest of the church to express this desire for change? Not because the priest is the confidant of my fault or a counselor for the present or a witness of my future endeavors. But because he is the minister of Christ and through Christ He will work in me great things and can support my desire for change.

Words cannot express the joy of the penitent who confesses with the confidence to throw himself, with all its miseries, in the arms of Jesus to be healed. Because he experiences what is the heart of God and His unfailing love and this love that gives him the confidence to stand up to this confession turned in his heart than the most optimistic hope.

We should not be afraid of getting this sacrament because of our sins because we are not innocent, there is blood on our hands, the blood poured from the hands of Jesus crucified. The Cure of Ares said: "When the priest gives absolution, we must think of one thing: God is the blood trickling down his soul to wash, purify it and make it as beautiful as it was after the baptism."

Christ tells us, through the priest in the sacrament of reconciliation, "Your sins are forgiven you Go and from now on sin no more."


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