Cosa è l'esame di coscienza?

The examination of conscience is nothing but the reflection of the soul that makes up for itself, to flush out their flaws in order to repent and correct themselves why we need to ask God for the light needed to see his own faults and the determination to eliminate them.

The reflection or self-examination

To do this test must be overcome the distractions that come from thoughts and worries to see if we have been faithful with the resolutions previously taken, for example, if we were able to gather in meditation and we were able to further detach our hearts from things of the world.

This reflection is essential to obtain the good will and stir well to self-determination, and stimulate the heart to trust in God because it is only through His help you can overcome the shortcomings and defects coarser.

The examination of conscience can give us a vision beyond the transgressions the way to fight that particular defect such as the habit of gossip, lies, articulated curiosity, envy, etc.. Unless we take the commitment to overcome the weaknesses and imperfections will always be there to complain about the usual things, we are always warm, which cannot understand what it means to win with the help of God.

Only God can give us true knowledge of our sin. There is a blurring of the heart that sin darkens the intellect. Of sin to hide, in large part, to sinful man. Any departure from God, even partial, leads to the decrease of right of self-knowledge, and all spiritual light is instead provided with a deep sense of our present reality. The blame, therefore, tends to hide: there may be knowledge of our sin, we must search for it.

With the help of God we can correct ourselves and cut the roots of his vices, and so it is very important to research in depth the real causes of its shortcomings and know the consequences they produced. Therefore necessary that the blood is examined under the light of God and not by a consciousness that is often false.

Many people do not agree on the path of perfection because they are convinced that it is sufficient to list their faults to God through his representative to be justified, and ultimately to be good Christians. If so what would be the participation of his will in the choice of good and evil? These people are indifferent or those acting with negligence, laxity and are not careful to walk in God's will.

Should always act with good intentions because it is the most noble that there is in the world as it is able to extract the man from earth to heaven. The consistency and ease of action in the right way is to seek God in all things and in adhering to His will without seeking anything in them. This is the real search for perfection.

Righteousness does not consist only in offering to God's intentions but also in preventing that there remains some other stimulus, it should always examine the impulses from the heart to identify the real reasons that compel us to act, finally eliminating all that is perverse.

Our limitations, our uncertainties, our ability to sin, loneliness so inseparable part of our lives, our humanity. Even in suffering for our infidelities and the firm resolve not want to fall, we can make a gift of our weaknesses to God Jesus awaits us.


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