Idols and idolatry

From time immemorial, people have tried to be rational calculations and philosophical reflections to not believe in a Creator God.

The trap of the idols

Behind this categorical rejection will retain a false wisdom that can brand as stupid faith in God to put it bluntly, is a thought with which the man gives the right to be supreme and absolute, not to bow before the magnificence of creation. Yet just look up to heaven to try, in the immense dust of stars, a sense of vertigo that plunges our feeble thought.

In contemporary culture, atheism is a necessary condition for freedom and to regain possession of their own destiny hijacked by a God demanding and possessive, which requires only hardship and suffering. A concept embodied in the motto of the rationalistic culture: "Unless I see I do not think." It is not sufficient, however, believe to be free from any conditioning or think to govern all circumstances, to become players in free and actually created.

The man in all circumstances must necessarily deal with the thirst for possession, which led him to get wildly at all costs covered by their own greed. Thus, driven by greed, idol rises to the object of his desire. In the world there are many aspirations that can become idols: power, money, success, profit and pleasure may creep into the mind to capture every thought, to enslave all energy. For example, having the money there is no harm if not taken over greed, which feeds the thirst of having more and more, fixing the thoughts on the accumulation, the gain, the desire to want to have everything immediately. In this respect, love, solidarity, unity, good will dissolve into nothing because they are suffocated by the cult of wealth, to capture every thought and every energy.

Man can then become idolatrous in its arrogant claim of autonomy that denies, first, the Wisdom of God: "They have risen in their hearts and their idols are stretched from the trap of their own sins." Well you extolling freedom and you were sure not to be subjected to anything now without realizing it you become an idolater, an atheist who does not want to reflect on his knees before his Creator God. Now that you're a slave and you love the things of earth, are you happy? Your plans for growth and where are your dreams? You are left with only your greed that is devouring you leaves without any respite.

Cut, therefore, a time to reflect and perhaps discover the true meaning of existence. In the silence of the passions, occupations, of thought, you can listen to your heart, and that's where God lives and we can talk.

Yes, we need God, His guidance of His teachings as to overcome our human weaknesses. He alone can free us from all bondage; give true freedom that makes us free from all attacks perpetrated by the idols of this world.


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