Joseph the father of Jesus

Joseph the Putative Father of Jesus


Joseph husband of Mary and Father of Jesus
Joseph and Mary married when she was already pregnant at the behest of the Holy Spirit.

Joseph was therefore the putative father of Jesus and, as such, had to provide for the needs of the family, protect and raise his adopted son.

He was always ready to satisfy the desires of God knowing, in part, some of his designs.

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Joseph temporal Father

He did his best beyond human possibility so that his family was not lacking in anything and, as father, in order to bring his son up, because like any other child, he had to be submitted to his father’s will. God did not assign whichever father, but a pure soul, so that he was of support to a candid spouse and to an incarnated God.

Many people underrate his task: he never discussed the orders given by dreams, or through the messengers of God, but he faithfully obeyed, even if this made to abandon all what he had realised until that moment, friends, assets and social quiet in order to venture against the unknown.

He had such a faith that he did not have doubts or uncertainties, went where God sent him with his burden, with his treasures which were a tender mother and a baby first and a child later. As father did not oppose, but preventively favoured the Divine wishes as he knew them and in his burning mind blessed this Son, so that he announced with the word and in the world the designs of the Father were fulfilled.

He was an exemplary worker, an admirable example; he took his family on a sure ship and could lead it to sure lands and ports, also when there were tumultuous waters outside. He could be a worthy partner for his spouse and they loved each other with so pure feelings to charm the Angels in Heaven.

Oh! You fathers learn from this man who was really able to do a human family; it applied all virtues he could with his soul burning for love. Only love and faith allowed him to overcome remarkable obstacles on the way of is life; the human maintenance weighed on his shoulders quite completely, and He offered this joyfully to his son whom he adored so much.

Many people underrate the importance he had in God’s plans: but could God entrust to whichever soul the responsibility of temporal father? In His omniscience he chose an elected soul, didn’t He? And in Heaven he was reserved the suitable place. Appeal surely to him, so that he can intercede for you in all your needs. For his fidelity and his love he was granted powers of intercession and grace for all your needs. Shall he be a constant model for you.

If as family fathers you are able to tread in his steps, you can be glad in your families and the Heaven will look at you benignly, the grace and the blessing will come down on you and on your families. You will be models of honesty warming with love not only your family, but all those families which dispersed and deprived of hope wish to refer and entrust to the coherent examples.

Rely on him in the family, ask for his support and pray so that he asks for you being given the virtues much required for your salvation.