Saint Joseph


Monastero This great saint only awaits our cry for help, and if we never did begin from this moment with more ardor, we'll be able to hear her father and loving presence in our lives.

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The greatness of this Saint is unparalleled and unimaginable. Sure, he did not shine himself but he let the son and his splendid spouse shine.

He neither imposed his paternity with strong rules nor submitted his virginal spouse.

He covered a way of love and faith:

  • He took the Saint family on his hands and went on honestly suffering as the poor people suffer;

  • He loved the son without reserve and led and protected him with sure hands;

  • He loved his spouse like only the angels can do;

  • He acted in silence and contemplation of God’s Love.

The sublime love towards Jesus and Mary on the earth what would become in Heaven! Could his son and his spouse deny his exhortations?
What are you waiting for, before entrusting without reserve to this powerful mediator and considering him like a father?
In fact, as he could lead his family, could not he lead you, too?

Do not be sceptical and rely to him, you could be surprised by the powerful intercession of this Patriarch.
Go to him with extreme confidence and let him know the secrets of your heart, invoke him and he will certainly listen to you. He will come to you, he will transform your the life and will more and more approach you to God’s Love.

In his temporal life Saint Joseph was already in the hands of God and in humility and silence he passed through troubles, anguish and purifications which we cannot realise. And how profitable this silence is: it allows that there is no continuity solution between the word of God and obedience of Joseph.
God talks to Saint Joseph. Ask Joseph that he teaches you to act in silence with humility as the Saints.

If your heart is eager to do something for the suffering and alone brethren you can use the power of the prayer. The prayer in fact is a meeting with Jesus, a bridge between human and divine and it can be the beginning of a spiritual way opening the doors of true and complete happiness.

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If your heart is eager to do something for your brothers and sisters who are gripped by suffering or loneliness, you can earnestly plead with the Lord. Prayer is one of the highest forms of charity.

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