Saint Joseph

"Whatever grace you demand to Saint Joseph it will certainly be granted, who wishes to believe be persuaded to do the test".
St. Teresa of Avila

Triduum to St. Joseph
To obtain a grace

« I do not remember so far have pleaded St. Joseph for anything, that he has not comforted me ...»
(Saint Teresa)


O St. Joseph, my protector, I resort to you, so get me out of the Heart of Jesus this grace. For my sins I do not deserve to be heard. I beg you to my shortcomings and, as powerful as you are, that is obtained through your intercession the longed-for grace; I may come at your feet to thank you and make gifts of gratitude.
Our father, Ave Maria and Glory.


Do not forget, dear St. Joseph that no person in the world resorted to you, being disappointed in the trust and the hope placed in you. Do not allow, or great saint, that I alone be deprived of the grace that I ask you. Shown powerful and generous even to me; and my tongue, thanking you, in you will enhance the goodness and mercy of God.
Our father, Ave Maria and Glory.


O St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family, I will deeply revere and wholeheartedly invoke you. The afflicted, who prayed to you before me, you have given comfort and thanks,. Deign, therefore, to console also my grieved soul. Thou, Oh great Saint, see God in all my needs. You then, you know how much I needed the grace that I ask you. From Thee I hope to be comforted, and I promise to spread devotion to you and to help the works that, in your name, rise to the relief of so many unhappy and dying. O St. Joseph, comforter of the afflicted, have pity on me!
Our father, Ave Maria and Glory.


Remember, Oh most pure spouse of Mary the Virgin, Oh sweet my patron St. Joseph, who never heard anyone have invoked your protection and asked for your help, without being consoled.
With this confidence, I come before thee, and I recommend it to you fervently.
Oh foster father of the Redeemer, despise not my petitions, but welcome it and pitifully her away. Amen
(Indulge. Partial)

To achieve a good death

O Glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, benevolent protector of the dying, my special counsel, for happiness, for the love with which you served in all the days of your life as the Bridegroom to Mary, as Father to Jesus, for the pain that you were suffering with so much resignation, for the joys that you received with much humility from the God who knows nothing now deny to your questions, as always I was obedient here on earth, obtain for, please, a plenary remission of all my past failings, and always ready will to serve it better in the future, so always living like you in virtue and holiness can like you deserve to be dead assisted by Jesus and Mary, that in this world you did try anticipated joys of Paradise. Keep watch over me in the whole course of my life, as you took care over Jesus, when tender child was entrusted to your care. Defend me from every enemy onslaught, and never allow that death will seize me to a point where I have forfeited with a less Christian conduct your protection.
So be it.
Jesus, Joseph and Mary - I give you my heart and my soul.
Jesus, Joseph and Mary - assist me in my last agony.
Jesus, Joseph and Mary - breathes in peace with you my soul.

To you, O Blessed Joseph

To you, O Blessed Joseph, we turn tight by tribulation, and are confident we invoke your patronage after the one of your most holy bride.
That sacred bond of charity, we the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and for the fatherly love that you brought the child Jesus, concerns, we pray thee, with a benign eye on the beloved inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased by his blood , and with your power and help thou our needs.
Protect, or provident guardian of the divine Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ away from us, or most beloved Father, errors and vices, which infect the world; graciously assist us from heaven in our struggle with the powers of darkness, O our strong protector; and as a time you saved from death threatened the life of the little baby Jesus, so now defend the Holy Church of God from the snares of her enemies and from all adversity; and stretch every hour each of us your patronage, so that in your example and by your help, we can live virtuously, devoutly die and attain eternal bliss in heaven


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