Saint Joseph


Monastero The sorrows of Mary, Jesus says:

The first, the Presentation in the Temple;
The second, the travel to Egypt;
The third, the death of Joseph;
The fourth, my separation from you.
Maria Valtorta.

Join us

Mary in Joseph's death

Has suffered acutely.

Jesus says:

I teach all the wives tortured by a pain, to imitate Mary in Her widowhood: join Jesus.

Those people, who think that Mary loved lukewarmly Her spouse, as he was a spirit spouse and not a flesh one, are wrong as well. Mary loved Joseph intensely; she had dedicated six lustra of faithful life to him. Joseph had been father, spouse, brother, friend, protector to Her.

Now She felt alone as a vine branch whose tree has been sawed. Her house was like it had been struck by lightning, it broke up. It was a unit before whose members supported each others. Now the main wall failed, first of the blows inflicted to that Family, followed by the next leaving of Her beloved Jesus.

The will of the Eternal, who wanted Her spouse and Mother, now imposed Her widowhood and abandonment by Her Creature. Mary says in tears one of Her sublime "Yes". "Yes, Gentleman, May it be done to me according to your word".

And in order to have force in that hour, She clasps to me. Mary has always addressed to God in the most difficult moments of Her life. In the Temple called to the wedding, in Nazareth called to Maternity, still in Nazareth in the tears of the widowhood, in Nazareth in the pain for the separation from Her Son, on the Calvary in the torture of seeing me to die.

Learn, you who are crying, and learn, you who are dying. Learn, you who live for dying. Try to deserve the words that I said to Joseph. They will be your peace in the fight of the death. Learn, you who are dying, to deserve Jesus near and comforting you. And even if you did not deserved, dare equally to call me near. I will come. My hands full of graces and comfort, my Heart full of forgiveness and love, my lips full of encouragement and absolution words.

Death loses any rudeness if it happens in my arms.
Believe. I cannot abolish death, but I make it gentle to those who die trusting in Me.


Chaste spouse of Mary, glorious St. Joseph, as were the great labor and pain of your heart in the puzzled abandon your pure Bride, so it was an ineffable joy, when the angel revealed to you the wonderful mystery of incarnation.

For that your pain and your joy for this, please do take comfort in, now and at the hour of death, our soul giving us the serenity of a good life and a holy death, like yours that I death softly, comforted by Jesus and Mary.