Saint Joseph


Monastero "Whatever grace you demand to Saint Joseph it will certainly be granted, who wishes to believe be persuaded to face the test.
St. Teresa of Avila.

"God has concentrated in St. Joseph the splendors of all the saints".
St. Gregory Nazianzen.

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In order to understand which source of graces the devotion to glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph is, the following words of Saint Theresa will be enough:

"I do not remember, writes the Saint, that I have not been granted a grace by Saint Joseph until now, I have asked him for. At what a beautiful picture I would look if I could show the graces I was granted by God and the dangers of body and soul, from which I was freed, thanks to the mediation of this great Saint! To the other Saints God grants only the grace to help us in one or one other need, but the glorious S. Joseph, and I know it for experience, spreads his power to everything. And other persons to whom I had suggested to apply to this incomparable Protector have had the same experience... If I had authority to write, I would be very glad to tell in particularly about graces for which many persons thank this great Saint. But for my love to God I just ask those people who may not believe me, to try and they will experience the advantage coming from recommending themselves to this glorious Patriarch, and honouring him with special cult".

Up to now the Saint and her fervent words will move everyone to become devout to this powerful and tender protector.

A well-known writer of Christian asceticism has summarised the advantages coming from the devotion to S. Joseph in this way:

  1. Who is true devout to him, he will have the gift of the chastity.
  2. He will have spiritual aids to exit from sin.
  3. He will have particular devotion to most Holy Mary.
  4. He will have a good death and will be defended in those extreme hours.
  5. He will not be won by the demons the man who will fear his name.
  6. He will be granted special graces for the soul and the body.
  7. He will have the firm confidence to achieve the grace of final perseverance.

A last authoritative testimony is by Pope Pious IX, the great, after having recommended every one the devotion to S. Joseph, talked nearly prophetically about the advantages of this devotion: "it is not useless that God infuses in the Church more than never the spirit of the prayer. People pray more and better. Shall the supports of the newborn Church, Maria and Joseph, have the place in our hearts again they had wrongly lost and the world will be saved once again".

Invocations to St. Joseph.

Remember, O most pure Virgin Mary's spouse, or my dear patron St. Joseph, who never heard anyone have invoked your protection and asked for your help without being consoled. With this confidence, I come to you fervently.
O St. Joseph, hear my prayer, and welcome it with compassion. Amen.

Glorious St. Joseph, husband of Mary and virginal father of Jesus, think of me, watches over me. Teach me to work for my sanctification and take under your compassionate care of the urgent needs that today I commend to your fatherly solicitude.
Take away the obstacles and difficulties and make the happy outcome than I ask is for the greater glory of God and for the good of my soul.
And as a token of my gratitude, I promise to make known your praises, and with all the affection I bless the Lord that I wanted so powerful in heaven and on earth. Amen.