The Flagellation

The Flagellation

The Flagellation
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According to the revelations of Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich

The horrible scourging
To calm the mob with a free kick that relented them, Pilate gave orders to scourge Jesus, according to the Roman custom ... Among the tumult and the popular fury Jesus was led up by thugs in the square.

The Lord was dragged abruptly near the body of the praetorian guard, where there was the marble column fitted with rings and hooks, it was only intended to flogging the condemned. The six smiters, who were used as executioners into the judgment hall, came from the Egyptian border, were brown, short and stocky, half-naked and half drunk, seemed bloodthirsty beasts. They had the look of something diabolical near that column had flogged to death many others condemned.
Although the Savior did not offer any resistance, was dragged with ropes, while the smiters gave him punches and kicks.
Tore off his cloak and made almost mocking Herod the Lord fall to the ground. I saw Jesus tremble and shiver in front of the column. He himself took off the robe with hands swollen and bleeding. Then he prayed for a moment and turned his gaze to his holy Mother immersed in the pain...
The executioners, without ceasing their hideous curses, tied his hands of Jesus in a large ring attached to the top of the column of infamy. In doing so, so the arms stretched above the head to the feet bound strongly to the column did not touch the ground full mind.
Two of those brutes, bloodthirsty, began to flog the immaculate body of Jesus causing the most excruciating torments. I can not describe the terrible atrocities inflicted on our Lord.
The first rods which served as the torturers were streaks of white color, seemed to be made of hard wood or nerves ox.
Back, legs and arms were torn apart under the heavy blows of the scourge, until the skin to shreds with blood splattered on the ground. The moans of painful suffering Jesus were drowned out by the clamor of the mob and of the Pharisees, who continued to shout, "Do it die! Crucify him.".
For silence, and continue to speak to the people, Pilate was playing a trumpet. Then the square could be heard only their words, accompanied by the horrible hiss of the whip and the groans of the Lord, as well as from the curse of drunken executioners...

Most of the people maintained a certain distance of the place of flagellation, but a few came and went from the vicinity of the column to insult the Lord ... Young infamous prepared verghe fresche at the guardhouse, others tried thorny branches to weave a crown of thorns. The servants of the priests had given money to the smiters, and had given their pitchers filled with a red liquor, which they drank to get drunk.

After a quarter of an hour the executioners who had scourged Jesus were Replaced by two others. The latter rushed concieco fury against Jesus, even using gnarled sticks with thorns and spikes. The shots tore the flesh of their scourges of the Lord to make the blood spurting on the arms of the executioners. Soon that holy body was covered with black spots and red blood dripped to the ground, and he moved in a convulsive tremor, including insults and taunts...

The third pair of executioners rushed with most of the heat on the other martyred body of Jesus To flogging they served straps fitted with iron hooks. Yet their diabolical anger did not abate. Jesus was then untied and tied again, this time with the back against the column. Because the Lord could no longer stand, they passed ropes and bound him on the chest with his hands behind his column. They continued to flog him well. Jesus's body was reduced to a single wound and looked at his tormentors with eyes full of blood, as if imploring the grace. But, in response to his feeble groans, their fury increased and one of the executioners struck him in the face with a pole more flexible.

The horrible scourging had already lasted three quarters of an hour, when a stranger of the lowest class, a relative of a blind man healed by Jesus, rushed behind the pillar with a knife in the shape of a sickle and cried out indignantly, "Stop! do not hit this innocent until he died. "Taking advantage of the drunken stupor of the executioners, the foreigner cut the ropes knotted behind the column and immediately disparvetra the crowd. Jesus fell to the ground in the midst of his blood, the perpetrators left him and went to drink...

Upon their return to the smiters kicked him to get him up. Jesus, crawling, started to recover the band that had encircled the hips, but the executioners pushed him farther and farther away,causing him to writhe on the ground in his own blood and crawl like a worm, all this happened between the whistles, the sayings and insults of the people. Finally, they put him, on his feet , threw his robe over his shoulders and pushed him hastily toward the guardhouse. With the robe he was wiping the blood flowed copiously from his face ... When the cruel scourging ended it was about nine in the morning.

Jesus outraged and crowned with thorns.
The crowning with thorns was performed in the courtyard of the guard, whose doors were open, inside there were about fifty captors, servants and scoundrels, who took active part in the torments of Jesus The crowd thronged by all sides, until the building was isolated by Roman soldiers.
Jesus was stripped and re-coated in an old military cloak purple, that reached just above her knees. The coat was in a corner of the room were covered with it, and the criminals after the scourging. The Lord was seated at the center of the courtyard of a truncated column covered with shards of glass and stone.

Unspeakable was the torment of the coronation: around Jesus head was tied a garland woven of three thorny branches, two feet high, the points of which were turned inwards. In the rear was tied the crown to the holy head, the executioners shook him brutally to make sure that the plugs big pierces a finger in his face and neck. Then he slipped a rod in his hands tied were placed on his knees in front of him and staged the coronation of a king from the happy mock.
Not happy they snatched the cane, which was to appear as a scepter of command, and began to strike on the crown of thorns, so that the Savior's eyes were flooded with blood, at the same time slapped the evildoers and turned vulgarity of any kind .. . His body was a plague, so that curved and walked unsteadily. The poor Jesus came under the stairs in front of Pilate, arousing even cruel in this man a sense of compassion. The people and the evil priests continued to taunt...

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