Jesus dies

Jesus dies

Jesus dies
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According to the revelations of Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich

At a bloodless sunlight, the body of Jesus looked more pale and paler than before, by the loss of blood. The centurion snatched from the hands of a soldier a sponge and dipped it in vinegar and gall and placing it on the tip of a spear, and he put it before the mouth of the Lord. The time of our Lord had come: the agony had begun and a cold sweat broke its members. John was at the foot of the cross and wiped Jesus' feet with a cloth. Magdalena, broken with pain, leaning against the cross from the back. The Blessed Virgin stood between Jesus and the good thief, and, supported by Salome and Mary Cleophas, raised his eyes to her dying Son. Then Jesus said, "It is finished."

Then he raised his head and cried with a loud voice, "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." After that, the Lord bowed his head and gave up his spirit. I saw his soul, like a luminous form, penetrating the earth at the foot of the cross descending into limbo. John and the holy women fell to the ground covering his face.

When the Lord breathed his last breath, the earth shook and the rock floor between the Saviour's cross and the cross of evil thief broke. All was accomplished. The earth shook when Jesus' soul left his body; she recognized him as their Savior, while the hearts of his friends were pierced by a sword of sorrow. The last cry of the Holy of Holies had shaken the earth and those who heard him; the Rock of Calvary broke and many houses collapsed. Many people returned home beating their breasts and crying. Others tore his clothes and dust on their hair was laid. All the people there were full of fear and dread. John got up and, with some of the holy women, got amorous attentions to the Blessed Mother.

The Abenadar centurion, having submitted to Salvador vinegar, remained strangely impressed: firm on his horse near where the cross was fixed, moved and looked intently at the disfigured face of Jesus, crowned with thorns. The horse, dejected and sad kept its head down, and Abenadar, whose soul was not taken up the reins upset fallen. Grace Abenadar enlightened, his heart cracked as hard as the rock of Calvary; he threw the spear, there was a nasty blow to the chest, with the voice of a new man shouted: "Praise be the Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; this man was innocent; was the truly Son of God".

When Jesus, the God of life and death, commended his human soul to God, his Father, and death took possession of him, his sacred body shuddered and turned a livid white, and countless wounds that had bleeding profusely, seemed dark spots; he raised his heavy head crowned with thorns an instant for the last time, and dropped it again in agonizing pain; while his cracked lips parted and showed his bloody livid and swollen tongue.

His hands, which at the time of death had been contracted by the nails, opened and returned to their natural position, like his arms; He loosened everything and all his weight fell on his feet, his knees buckled and, like his feet, turned a little to one side.

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