Jesus on Golgotha

Jesus on Golgotha

Jesus on Golgotha
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According to the revelations of Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich

They started to walk.. Jesus bent under his charge and under the blows of the executioners, he rose painstakingly hard road headed north...

The flat that was on the rise, which was the place of execution, was circular and was surrounded by an embankment cut by five paths. This is apparently a usual number in many parts of the country; There are five ways to the bathrooms, to the baptized, to the pool of Bethesda; Many people also have five doors. There is in this, as in all of the Holy Land, a deep prophetic significance, because of the five wounds of the Saviour, who open the five gates of Heaven.

The Pharisees on horse stood in front of the plain, on the western side of the mountain, where the slope is gentle. The shed where the convicts are driven, however, is rough and hard. The hundred Roman soldiers were scattered here and there. Some were with the two thieves, who had not been taken to the flat to give free place, but had left to lay on the floor a little further down, leaving his arms tied to the cross timbers of his crosses.

The soldiers watched them while many people, most of lower class, foreigners, slaves, pagans, many women and all people who feared contamination, surrounding plain or remained about upcoming elevations. In the boys were turned away. The mountains near the western part of Mount Gihon overflowed with pilgrims arriving for Easter. It was a quarter to twelve when Our Lord, bearing his cross had the last fall and reached the summit of Mount Calvary.

How painful show represented the Salvador there, standing on the site of his execution, so sad, so pale, so broken, so cover in blood! The minions put him on the ground to measure him, and mocked him, saying, "King of the Jews, let us build your throne".

But he himself placed on the cross where he took the measure to the mounting feet and hands; after seventy steps took him north to a kind of open rock that looked like a pit. They pushed him inside so brutally that he had broken his legs against the stone if the angels had not rescued him. I heard him moaning in pain in a way that broke everyone’s heart. The entrance was closed and two guards were left outside.

Amid the flat circular Calvary highest point was; was a rounded mound, two feet high which was reached by a few steps. Minions dug three holes in it to drive the three crosses and put the right and left of the two thieves, other cross pieces, to which they had their hands tied, and were then fixed on the main piece. They placed his cross on the site where they were put, so that they could lift it without difficulty and then drop it into the hole.

They nailed the two arms and the piece of wood will hold the feet, pierced wood to be put nails and hang the inscription, made cuts to the head and back of our Lord, so that his whole body was supported by the cross and not hung, and not all the weight was hanging from his hands.

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