Saint Veronica with the shroud

Saint Veronica with the shroud

Saint Veronica with the shroud
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According to Revelations of Sister Catherine Emmerich

The canvas of Saint Veronica

...I saw a woman get out of a beautiful house on the left and began to walk in front of the procession. She had a tall and majestic appearance, holding the hand of a child, came out. She was Serafia, the wife of Sirach, Board Member of the Temple, who from that day is known as Veronica..

Serafia at home had prepared an excellent flavoured wine with the pious intention of giving it to the Lord to cool drink in their painful way to Calvary. Eager to full fill his gracious work, the holy woman had gone several times to meet the sad procession. He had seen her run alongside the soldiers holding the hand of his adopted daughter 9 years. When the time came, she went with a veil and a canvas on her shoulder. The girl, still close to her, hiding under the apron with a closed aromatic wine glass.

The people in front wanted her away, but the woman made her way through the crowd of soldiers and henchmen, and came to Jesus; in the presence of the Son of God, she knelt beside him and offered him the canvas, saying, "Let me wipe the face of the Lord." Jesus took the cloth with his left hand, wiped his bloody face with him and moving the left hand to the right canvas that held the tip of the cross, gave it back, thanking her.

Serafia after kissing him, put it under his cloak and rose ... The Pharisees and the officers angered by this shutdown and, above all, by this public witness of veneration had surrendered to Jesus, beaten and abused Our Lord, while Veronica came running home. This fine fabric cloth was three times longer than wide, and is usually around his neck: it was customary to bring a similar canvas to help the afflicted and the sick, and clean their face with it in sorrow or compassion.

Veronica always kept the veil in her bedside. After his death was for the Blessed Virgin, and then to the Church through the apostles. Serafia born in Jerusalem and was a cousin of John the Baptist. Holy woman had at least five years older than the Holy Virgin and had attended her marriage to San Jose...

During the infamous trial court of Caiaphas, Sirach pleaded for Jesus and took position with Joseph and Nicodemus, and like them, the Sanhedrin was removed. Despite their fifties, Serafia was still a pretty woman. On Palm Sunday, to honor the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, was unveiled and handed on the street where he went. It was this same veil she delivered Jesus to alleviate their sufferings. The holy veil is still an object of veneration in the Church of Christ.

The third year after the ascension of Christ, the Roman emperor, very ill, he sent a trusted person to Jerusalem to collect information about the death and resurrection of Jesus. The trustee returned to Rome accompanied by Nicodemus, Veronica and disciple Epatras relative of Joan Cusa. I saw the holy Veronica at the head of the emperor, whose bed was raised on two steps; a curtain hung on the wall to the ground. The bedroom was square; was not large and did not see windows: the light came from a wide crack located at the top. The relatives of the emperor met in the hallway. Veronica had with him, besides the veil, a sheet of Jesus. She unfolded the veil before the emperor, who looked astonished footprint blood holy face of the Lord. On the sheet, however, the picture was printed back the holy body whipped. I think it was one of those great linens commanded by Claudia, on which was accommodated the holy body of the Lord to be washed before burial.

The emperor healed at the very sight of those images, without even touching him. He offered a building with St. Veronica slaves, begging him to settle in Rome, but she asked permission to return to Jerusalem to die near the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus crucified. She returned to Zion in the period of persecution against Christians, while Lazarus and his sisters knew the misery of exile.

St. Veronica was forced to flee with other Christian women, but was caught and imprisoned. He died with the holy name of Jesus on his lips. I have seen the veil in the hands of the pitiful women, then the disciple Thaddeus in Edessa, where the holy relic performed many miracles. Still I saw in Constantinople and, finally, was delivered by the apostles to the Church. I think I saw the holy veil in Turin where the Shroud is also the Redeemer.

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