Jesus is Crucified

Jesus is Crucified

Jesus is Crucified
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According to the revelations of Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich

The minions had stripped Our Lord of his cloak, the belt with which they had dragged him and his own belt. They took after the surcoat of white wool and as they could not get the seamless robe that his mother had done, because of the crown of thorns, ruthlessly tore the crown of the head, reopening all his wounds. He had no more than their short woolen scapular over his shoulders and a cloth around the kidneys. The scapular had stuck to its open and suffered untold pains when I took wounds. The Son of Man was shaking, he was covered with sores, his shoulders and back were torn to the bone...

Jesus, the true image of pain, was extended on the cross and extending his right arm on the right limb of the cross, he eastied tightly; put one knee on the sacred chest, opened the other hand contracted, a third supported on a thick meat long nail and stuck with an iron hammer. He gave heavy hammer blows. A soft moan came clear from the breast of Jesus, his blood spattered arms of his executioners. I counted the number of hammer blows, but I've forgotten the number.

I mazzuoli dei carnefici erano di ferro, avevano pressappoco la forma dei martelli da falegname, però erano più grandi e formavano un pezzo unico col manico. I chiodi, la cui dimensione aveva fatto fremere Gesù, erano talmente lunghi che quando furono conficcati nelle mani e nei piedi del Redentore uscivano dietro la croce. Dopo aver inchiodato la mano destra di Gesù al legno della croce, i carnefici si accorsero che l'altra mano non arrivava al foro praticato nell'asse sinistro della croce. Allora legarono una fune al braccio sinistro di Gesù e, puntando i piedi contro la croce, lo tirarono con tutte le loro forze, finché la sua mano raggiunse il foro. Gesù soffriva indicibilmente perché gli avevano slogato interamente il braccio. I crocifissori s'inginocchiarono sopra le braccia e sul petto del Signore e conficcarono il chiodo nella sua mano sinistra, che subito sprizzò un gettito di sangue. I gemiti di dolore del Salvatore si udivano attraverso il rumore dei pesanti colpi di mazzuolo. The decks were the executioners of iron, were more or less the shape of hammers carpenter, but were larger and formed a single piece with the handle...

The nails were long, the flat head and the width of a coin had three faces, they were as thick as a thumb; tip protruded behind the cross. Having nailed the right hand of our Lord, the executioners saw that the left hand did not reach the hole that had opened. Then they tied a rope to the left arm of Jesus and threw it as hard to get the hand matched the hole. This brutal dislocation horribly tormented his arms, his chest rose and legs twitched. The minions knelt over her body again and sank another nail in the left hand: the groans were heard amid the hammering ...

The whole body of Jesus had contracted towards the top of the cross for the violent tension that supported the arms and knees which were bent. The executioners will spread his legs back and tied them with ropes to the cross, but the feet did not reach the piece of wood that had been placed to support them. Then, some of them, full of rage, hurled imprecations against Jesus. Others wanted to make new holes for the nails of the hands, and thus lower the body, it was difficult to move the piece of wood above ...

Then they tied a rope to his right foot and pulled him so violently that managed to reach the piece of wood, causing a horrible stretch to Jesus. They had tied his chest and arms to the wood so that the weight of the body did not rip his hands from the nails. The suffering was unbearable. They tied after the left foot on the right and drilled apart because it did not match the other and could not nail them together. They took longer nail than those of the hands and nailed with the hammer through the feet and the piece of wood to the mast of the cross. This operation was more painful than the rest, due to the unnatural displacement of the entire body. Jesus is crucified.

The sun indicated that the time was twelve fifteen when Jesus was crucified ... they lifted the cross, while others hold it and others pushed the cross to the hole, where it sank with all his weight and a dreadful shudder. Jesus gave a cry of pain from the jolt, his wounds were opened, his blood flowed abundantly and the dislocated bones clashed with each other. The terrible blow to the cross when they sank it into the ground, violently shook the whole body of Jesus from the thorn-crowned head to his toes. That made it bleed a lot of all his wounds. The executioners supported the stairs on the cross and adjusted the ropes that had been tied to the Savior so that the foot and the hands did no tear up because of its weight the hands and toes were hold with nails. Blood gushed from his wounds hard, and this was causing untold suffering to Jesus.

I looked at Jesus with compassion and horror; I saw him motionless, almost lifeless; I thought myself dying. I was in the deepest darkness where I saw only my Husband nailed to the cross. His head, with the terrible crown and the blood that filled his eyes, his mouth ajar and soaked his hair and beard, was leaning on his chest; had completely torn flesh, his shoulders; his elbows, and wrists were stretched to be dislocated; blood ran drom his hands down to his arms; his chest lifted formed a cavity deep below. His legs, his arms, his members, his muscles, his entire skin had been stretched so far that you could count his bones; Blood dripped from his feet on the ground, his whole body was covered with wounds and sores, black, blue and yellow spots; his wounds were opened because of the tension, and precious liquid of his blood was becoming increasingly clear color and the consistency of water; his sacred body, similar to a bleeding corpse.

At noon, thick and reddish clouds covered the sky; at midday and half noon, corresponding to the so-called sixth hour of the Jews, there was the miraculous darkening of the sun. A little at a time, the whole sky darkened and turned red. Men and beasts were gripped by fear ... The Pharisees themselves looked at heaven fearfully: they were so frightened by that reddish darkness that they stopped insulting Jesus...

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