Jesus falls under the cross

Jesus falls under the cross

Jesus falls under the cross
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According to the revelations of Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich

Jesus takes up His Cross to Calvary

The soldiers, with great effort, put the burden of the cross on the right shoulder of Jesus. He remained hunched under the great weight. While Jesus was praying, put on the necks of the two thieves the transverse parts of their crosses, tying their hands on them, the large pieces had slaves.
The executioners violently lifted him up and settled on his shoulders felt all the weight that we are to take after him, according to his holy words. Then began the triumphal march of the King of Kings: ignominious on earth and in heaven so glorious. By ropes attached to the foot of the cross, two soldiers held her behind in the air, four others held the ropes tied to the waist of Jesus...

The Roman governor wore his uniform battle among his officers. Preceded by a squadron of cavalry, and followed by three hundred infantry, crossed the square and entered a fairly wide street, moving around the city to prevent any popular uprising.
Jesus was led up a narrow street facing a detour to not hinder the people going to the temple, nor the troops of Pilate. Al sad procession preceded a trumpeter proclaiming at every corner the death sentence. A few steps away, was a large group of men and boys, who had twine, nails, wedges and baskets containing different objects, others more robust, bringing in sticks, stairs and main parts of the crosses of the two thieves. Still further back Pharisees saw horse and a young man held against the chest inscription Pilate commanded to write the cross he also wore on the end of a stick. Finally, it was our Lord with bare and bloody feet, crushed under the weight of the cross, trembling, and full of sores and wounds, without having eaten or drunk, or slept since Eve dinner, weakened by the loss of blood, devoured by fever and thirst, and shot through with infinite pains.

The Lord with his right hand holding the cross on his right shoulder with his left hand, exhausted, occasionally made the effort to get up his long robe, with their wounded feet encountered. his hands were injured by the ropes that had been tied, his face was bloodied and swollen, his beard and hair stained with blood, the weight of the cross and chains his body pressed against woolen dress that clung their sores and open. Four soldiers held remote ends of the strings attached to the waist of Jesus both in front pulling, those following him, pushed him, so he could not secure a pass.

First fall of Jesus under the weight of the Cross

Before the climb there was a hole that, when it rained, often filled with water and mud, for which reason had placed a large stone on it to ease the transition. When Jesus came to this site, I could not walk. But as the executioners threw him and pushed him mercilessly, fell along with this stone and the cross fell to his side. The executioners stopped, filling curses and hitting. The procession stopped and made a great tumult.

Supported by a supernatural help, Jesus looked up, and those atrocious men, rather than alleviate torment, then he put the crown of thorns. Once set up, I loaded again the cross on his shoulders and, because of the crown, with infinite pains, had to tilt her head to accommodate over his shoulder the weight of the cross and continued his way, each harder and harder.

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