The Paradise

The Paradise



Eternal life

We know that all creation is groaning in labor pains even until now; and not only that, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, we also groan within ourselves as we wait for adoption, the redemption of our bodies.
(Romans 8,19-23).

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Unconceivable Happiness

Paradise is the glorious court in which dwell the celestial procession surrounded by an indescribable light. Up there the seraphines and the souls that love, that belong to the same choir, light incesantly in God. The burning flames wrap the seraphines and to their company making them luminous. And all sort of celestial form flow in divine sweetness.
In the contemplative union with God, you will find satisfaction and eternal bliss, an infinite reward for having walked on earth the uneasy path pointed by the Divine Master. You will find application to his words "Come to me, my beloved, take possesion of the eternal reign that has been prepared since the beginning of the world".
Here is the homeland of the fair, here is the absolut quietness, here lays the jubilation of my heart, the inescrutable praises that last forever.

Paradise is the expansion of the light of God that brings to itself to those who come from Him and that have stayed for ever in his holy look. It is the promised land of the Martirs, of all those who have believed that they have spent their life so as to live in it one day. It is the reaching point to the prefection of the sons of God. It is the look where God concieves his creatives thoughts. It is the oasis of the creation of the living and reasonable beings. It is the source where come the reason and the nature of life.

Paradise is the place of the supreme bliss in which the humanity of Jesus Christ, the Holy Virgin, the Angels and the Saints, live together enjoying the great vision of God and its property. It is the delight of a heart submerged in an ocean of love: in the love itself of the Holy Trinity. It is the perfect life, where there is the presence of the most pure, the most innocent, the most sweet and holy.

“My Dear, now we are sons of God, but we do not know what we are going to be, because it has not been revealed to us yet. We know that when it manifests itself, we will be similar to Him, because we will see Him just as he is.” (1 John 3,2).

“He will dry every tear from your eyes, there won’t be any more death, no mourning, no crying, no pain, because the first world will have disappeared. And the one that was seated in the throne said : Here it is that I make all things new ... Who is thirsty I will give him of fountain of the water of life. The victor will inherit this things: I will be God and he will be my son.
(Ap. 21, 4)

The things we will find in Paradise

We will discover paradise with a language of God : an spiritual language. Water will not be enough to satiate our thirst, because God himself will be our water. God will take us to unreachable top of hills, and he will show us that we will be like eagles and we won’t lack of anything because everything will speak us about love and the beauty created by God.

In paradise, the angels will meet in our way and they will talk to us with our same words, because the word that we will find in heaven,we will find it perfect in heaven. The angels will be pure and beautiful, singers of melodies never heard of and never imagined, dressed up in light purple and in colors that only exist in God. Full of love and of the power of love will march before the Divine Throne and they will meet us in our way, walkking downstairs from the everlasting temple. Fanfares, sounds of harps and of lires will acompany them towards the pilgrims that arrive to paradise. All the angelical sovereignties will celebrate us because like Christ, they will be happy for each soul that pass from death to eternal life. The victorious angelical formations will elevate with their light darts to sing the victory of good against evil.

And meanwhile we will see all this, an angel of every retinue will write our name with a finger of fire. Engraving its letters in gold on the high summits of paradise. "We are the Angels of God and hereby we write the names in this pages of the book of life, the good deeds of men similar to Christ. It won’t be written the evil here, because the evil here does not exist. It will only be taken into account the good deeds made on earth and with them we will measure the weight of each of them, that God will later judge according to their kindness and wisdom".

We can say with Saint Augustine: "Oh great house, oh charming palace, shining with heavenly light. How are kidnapped by your incomparable beauty. Blessed home of the glory of my God, which he has built and in which He dwells. It will also be for the sinners of earth who do not be blinded by the dust that they rise. I prefer to go to my quiet cell and thereby sing songs of love and relieve my burning passion and lust for your beauty. I want also with unspeakable sighs deplore the misery of my pilgrimage and raise my heart up to the heveanly Jerusalem, which is my home and to which tend my sweetest wishes of the spirit".

What actually will form our true Paradise in the city of the blessed, will be to know, to love, to possess and enjoy God in his Holy Trinity in its familiarity, in his incarnation and sacrifice. The Eternal Truth and the Highest Good will fill us all.

How not to look forward to our country, to our Sovereign, our peace and eternal life ? manu saints have declaimed the splendor of Paradise as the beauty of God himself. It is not just faith, because it is a truth that we can feel in our heart and is ideal for meditative thinking. Meditate thid future reality produces a positive influx on mortality since thought leads us to where the mind stops.