The Paradise

The Paradise


Mystic Maria Valtorta

I will try to describe the indescribable, ineffable and beatific vision of the evening last night, the one from the dream of the soul led me to the sleep of the body, which I find even more sharp and beautiful on my return to the senses. Before you prepare to this description, it wil always be far back as the distance between us and the sun, I asked myself, "Should I write before, or first I do my penance?".

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Paradise Description May 25

I burned to describe the joy, and I know that after the penance it will not affect the tiredness to write.

But the light voice of the Holy Spirit because the name is immaterial as light, it is brighter and clear as the light, and writes for my spirit the words which are sound, brightness and joy, joy, joy, tells me , enveloping the soul in its lightning of love "before the penance and then write about what is your joy. The penance must precede all in you, since it is what you deserve happiness. every vision is born of a previous penance and all penance opens up the way to the highest contemplation.Live for this. You are loved by this. You 'll be blessed for this sacrifice, sacrifice. your way, your mission, your strength, your glory. Only when you to fall asleep at us you will cease to be Host to become glory".

Then I did my daily penances. But even the feelling. The eyes of the spirit "see" the sublime vision and sensitivity nullified the body. Therefore I understand why the martyrs could bear those horrific torture, smiling. If to me as inferior to them in virtue, a contemplation can infused by the Holy Spirit to the bodily senses, the sensitivity nillified the pain in them, and perfect in love as human creatures, God's Perfection unveiled, had to pass a real cancellation of the material weaknesses. The joy of seeing the misery nullified the sensitive flesh of all.

And now I begin to write.
I saw Paradise. And I understand what's in its beauty, its nature, its Light, its song. Summing all. Also its works, which are those that, so high, inform, regulate and provide the whole created universe. As the last time, at the beginning of this year, I think, I have seen the Blessed Trinity. But lets go in order. The eyes of the spirit, is very likely to support the Light, not the poor physical eyes which cannot look at the sun-like star smoldering wick flame about the Light that is God, the eyes need to get used to the levels of contemplation of this high beauty, even prisoners in a body, and so weakened by this imprisonment. Oh, how beautiful, lucid and dancing spirits that God created in every moment to be a soul, a new creature. There I saw and I know. But we until we can return to His Splendor sustain all at once. And He, in His goodness, approaches by levels.

First, then, yesterday I saw a huge rose. I say "rose", to give an idea of these festive light circles increasingly centralized around a point of an unsustainable glare. A rose without boundaries. Its light was received by the Holy Spirit. The Light radiant of eternal Love. Liquid Gold Topaz made flames. Oh, I cannot explain. He shone high, high and fixed only in immaculate sapphire and radiant the Empyrean, and trough Him descend currents of light.The light that penetrated the rose of the blessed and angelical choirs and into the light, the luminous light, which is the product of the light of love that penetrates it. But I couldn’t see saints or angels. I saw only the immeasurable circles of paradise flower scalloped. I was all blissful and blessed God for His goodness, when, instead of crystallizing, it expanded the vision in an open glare, as if getting closer to me, allowing me to watch it with the spiritual eye used to the first glow and able to support a stronger one.

And I saw God the Father: Splendor in the splendor of Paradise. Radiant beamlines, naive, incandescent. Think about it: if I could distinguish that tide of light, what should be the light, surrounded by many others, that annulled as a shadow making a reflex about its splendour?. Spirit ... oh, what it looks like it's spirit is all. All the time is perfect. It also nothing to touch any other spirit of Paradise that could not touch God ( Perfect Spirit , also with its immateriality: light, light, nothing but light). Facing the Father God was God the Son. In the clothes of his glorified body, in which shone the actual habit, covering most holy Members without hiding the indescribable beauty. Majesty and Goodness merged into his Beauty. The carbuncles of his five wounds fired five lightsabers over all the Paradise and it increased his splendor and his glorified person.

It had no halo or crown. But his whole Body emitted light, Special light spiritualized in bodies in Him and his Mother is highly intense and communicates by the flesh that is flesh, but it is not opaque like ours. Flesh that is light. This light is condensed even more around his head. He didn’t carry halo, I repeat, in all his Head.The smile was light and light his look, light emanating from his beautiful front face, without wounds. But it seemed that, where thorns had once caused pain and bleeding, now oozed the liveliest brightness.

Jesus was standing with his royal standard in hand as in the vision I had in January, I think. A little further down from Him, rather little, like a rung of the ladder, was the Blessed Virgin. Beautiful as it is in heaven, that is, with his perfect human glorified beauty, in heavenly beauty. It was between the Father and the Son, who were far from them: a few meters (Space for sensitive comparisons apply). Elijah was in the middle and with hands folded on his chest, his sweet, naive, small, beautiful hands, and slightly raised his face, his soft, perfect, loving, sweetest looking face, worshiping the Father and the Son. Looked with reverence to the Father. Do not say a word. But all prostrated his gaze over the deepest genuflections. He said: "Holy," saying "I love you" only with his eyes.

Llooked at his Jesus full of love. But all his look was caress. But every sweet caress of his eye, said: "I love you". She wasn’t sitting. Not touching her Son, but her eyes greeted him as if he was in the womb surrounded by her maternal arms, as it was in Childhood and Death. She said: "My son," "My Joy", "My Love", only with her eyes.

She was delighted to see the Father and the Son. And every now and then she put up her face and her look to find the love, that was shining high, perpendicular to her. And then her dazzling light of pearl made light, as if a flame lit to burn her and make it more beautiful. She received the kiss of love, and she lay with all her humility and purity, with her charity to become caress caress and say: "I'm here, I'm your wife, I love you and I'm yours. Yours eternally". And the Spirit flamed stronger when the look of Mary was tied to its splendors.

And Mary fixed her eyes on the Father and the Son. It seemed that she was made by and for love, that they distributed. Poor image of me. It seemed that the Holy Spirit chose her to be the one, collecting all the Love itself, and then take him to the Father and the Son that the Three were united and kissed to make one. Oh, what joy to understand this poem of love. And see the mission of Mary, see of Love But The Spirit not only concentrated its brilliance on Mary. Great is our Mother. Second only after God. But can a watershed, although very large, contain the ocean?. No. It fills and overflows. But the ocean has water for the whole earth. So the Light of Love. And She fell in perpetual caress in the Father and the Son, embraces them in a ring of splendor. And she stretched even after being beatified by the contact of the Father and of the Son, responding to love with love, and spread throughout Paradise.

This is revealed in its peculiarities.Here are the angels. Higher than the blessed, circles around the fulcrum of Heaven, which is the Triune God, the Virgin Mary with the virginal Gem as heart. They have the most vivid likeness with God the Father. Perfect and eternal spirits, they are features of light, second only to that of God the Father, in an indescribable beauty. They love ... communicate harmonies. With what?. I do not know. Maybe wuth the heartbeat of love. Since they are not words, and lines were not moving their mouths in luminosity. They shine as still waters covered by the sun alive. But their love is singing. And harmony is so sublime that only God's grace can be granted without dying with joy to hear.

Below, the blessed. These, in their spiritualized aspects are more resemblance to the Son and Mary. They are more compact, I would say that they are sensible to the eye and give tactile impression of the Angels. But they are always immaterial. However, they are more pronounced in the physical characteristics that differentiate one from the other.

From what I understand if you are an adult or child, male or female. Elders, in the sense of decrepitude, I don’t see. It seems that even though spiritualized bodies belong to an elderly dead up there the signs of decay of our flesh ceased. There are more greatness in an old man than in a young man. But the not the misery of the wrinkles, alopecia, toothless mouths or the bent backs of humans. It seems that the maximum age is between 40-45 years. In other words, although flourishing manhood look and appearance are of patriarchal dignity.

Among the many, oh, how much people of saints and angels nation. The circles are lost becoming light trails for turquoise splendor in boundless of amplitude. And from far away, by this heavenly horizon comes the sublime sound of hallelujah and flashing light that is the love of this army of angels and beatified.

Among many I see this time, an imposing spirit. high, severe and even good. With a long beard that falls to the mid-chest and with tables in his hands. The tables seem to those used by the ancients to write. They rest on his left hand and on his left knee. Whoever it is, I don’t know. I think Moses or Isaiah. I do not know why, I think so. He looks at me and smiles at me with dignity. Nothing more. But what eyes. Made just to control the masses and to penetrate the secrets of God.

My spirit is becoming more apt to see in the light. And I see the merger of the three Persons, fusion is repeated with relentless pace, like a sting of insatiable hunger for love, incessant miracles occur, which are the works of God.

I see the Father, love the Son, who want to always give a large number of followers, creates souls. Oh, how beautiful. They come out, like sparks, like petals of light, like globular gems, as I am not able to describe the Father. It is a constant emission of new souls. Beautiful, happy to descend to dress a body in obedience to its Author. How beautiful they are when they come from God. I do not see it , I can not see it being in Paradise, when original sin gets them dirty.

The Son, by zeal for his Father, receives and judges without stopping to those who once had ceased their life, return to the origin to be judged. I do not see these spirits. I understand if they are judged with joy, mercy or implacably, by changes in the facial expression of Jesus. What a flash of smile when before Him presents a saint. What a sad light of mercy when one should be separated to be cleaned before entering the Kingdom. What painful flash of anger when for offense one should eternally condemn a rebel.

It is here that I understand what is Paradise. And what is made its beauty, Nature and singing. It is made by love. Paradise is Love, is Love that creates everything. Love is the foundation on which everything rests. It is Love the core from which everything comes.

The Father works by love, the Son judged by love. Mary lived for Love. The Angels sing for love. The blessed souls worship by love. Light exists because love exists The Singing exists because there is love. Life exists because there is love. Oh Love, Love, Love, Love I annulled in You. I get up in you. I die as a human creature, because you consume me. I am born as a spiritual creature because you create me.

Be blessed, blessed, blessed, Love, Third Person. Be blessed, blessed, blessed, Love, you are the First Two. Be blessed, blessed, blessed, love, that you love both that precede you. Be blessed because you love me, Be blessed for me that I love you because you let me love you and know you, oh my Light.