The Paradise

Mrs. Gloria Polo

Monastery "Mrs. Gloria Polo, a dentist from Bogota (Colombia) was in Lisbon and Fatima, the last week of February 2007, to share his testimony. In website appears an extract (in English) of a interview she gave to Radio Maria in Colombia. Thanks to a Ph. D. on having translated disinterestedly for us.

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Brothers and sisters, it's wonderful for me to share with you in this moment, the ineffable grace that Our Lord has given me 10 years ago. I was at the National University of Colombia in Bogota in May 1995. With my nephew, dentist like me, were preparing a lesson. My husband, covered by a raincoat, walked to the library on campus. My nephew and I followed him, we drove into the trees to escape from the heavy rain. At that moment, the two of us were struck by lightning. My nephew died on the spot: he was young and despite his youth, he was consecrated to Our Lord, for he had great devotion to the Divine Child Jesus.

As for me, my body was burned in a horrible way, inside and outside. This body that you see now, healed, it is by the grace of the Divine Mercy. The lightening had charred me: I lacked breasts and all my flesh had practically disappeared along with part of my side. The lightning went out my right foot after having almost completely burned my stomach, liver, kidneys and lungs.

I practiced intrauterine contraceptive copper spiral. Copper, being an excellent conductor of electricity, carbonized my ovaries. Therefore, I suffered cardiac arrest, lifeless, my body suffered spasms because of the electricity that I still had.

But this is only in regard to the physical part of myself, because when my flesh was burned, at the same instant, I found myself in a beautiful white light tunnel, filled with joy and peace: there are no words to describe the greatness of that moment of happiness. The apotheosis of the moment was immense.

As I rose, I knew I was dying. At that moment I thought of my children and I said, "Oh my God, my children, what will they think of me?. The Mother who had been so active, didnit have time to spend with them ". I was able to see my life as ut had really been, and this made me sad.

I used to leave the house every day to change the world and I had not been able to take care of my children. At the time I felt the emptiness of my children, I saw something wonderful: my body was not part of space or time. In an instant I was possible to embrace the world with my look : that of the living and of the dead.

I could feel my grandparents and my deceased parents . I could embrace the whole world, it was a wonderful moment. Then I realized I was wrong to believe in reincarnation which I believed in. While I was out of my body, I lost track of time. Out of my body I felt people inside (the soul). How beautiful it is to see the soul of the people. But at that moment, I heard my husband's voice calling me crying and sobbing: "Gloria, I beg you, do not go. Gloria, wake up. Do not give up the children, Gloria". I looked and I saw not only him, but also I felt his deep pain.

And the Lord has allowed me to go back but it was not my desire. I felt a great joy, so much peace and happiness. And here I descended slowly to my body as I lay lifeless. I was put on a stretcher, at the Medical Center Campus. I could see that the doctors practiced me an electrochoc, therefore, they stop trying to revive me after the cardiac arrest I had suffered. We were there for two hours and a half . Before that, thses doctors, could not touch us because our bodies contain electricity: but when they could, the tried to revive us. I put near my head and I could feel like a crash enter violently inside my body. This was painful because sparks flew everywhere. I saw myself in my body very narrow. My dead flesh ached and burned, it contained smoke and steam.

But the most terrible wound was my vanity: I was a woman of the world, one leader, intellectual, a scholar slave of her body, beauty and fashion. I went to the gym four hours a day, to have a slender body, massages, therapies, diets of all kinds... This was my life, a routine that chained me to the cult of the body. I said to myself: "I have nice breasts. Show them. There is no reason to hide them."

The same for my legs, because I thought I had some beautiful legs and a beautiful chest. But in an instant, I saw with horror that I had spent my life taking care of my body. The love towards my body had become the center of my existence.
Now, I had no body, no chest: just a horrible hole. My left breast, in particular, had disappeared. But the worst, were open sores without flesh, burnt and charred. And I was taken to the operating room emergency hospital where they start to scrape and clean the burnt wounds. When I was under the effects of anesthesia, I went out of my body and saw what the surgeons were doing. I was worried about my legs.

Suddenly I spent a horrible moment of all my life. I had been a Catholic of a "regime": My encounter with the Lord was on Sunday Mass no more than 25 minutes, wherever the priest's homily was shorter because it was tedious. Such was my relationship with the Lord. All the currents ( of thought) of the world, had influenced me like a weathervane.

One day, being a professional dentist I had heard a priest say that hell as wells as devils, did not exist. Hearing this statement, made me think that we would all go to paradise, regardless of what we do and I walked away completely from the Lord. My conversations became unhealthy because I could not restrain from sin. I started to tell everyone that the devil did not exist and that it was an invention of the priests: pure manipulation.

When I went out with my colleagues from the university, I told them that God did not exist and that we were the product of evolution. But at that moment, there in the operating room, I was totally terrified to see the devils come to me: I was his prey. On the walls of the operating room I saw many people. At first, they seemed normal, but then they had faces of hatred: detestable. At that time, for some insight that was given me, I realized that I belonged to them. I understood that the sin had consequences and that the most infamous lie of the devil, was to believe that he didn’t exist.

I saw them come to get me, imagine my terror. My intellectual and scientific spirit did not help me at all. I wanted to return to my body, but that would not let me in. Then I ran outside of the room, hoping to hide somewhere between the corridors of the hospital, but actually ended up jumping into the void. I fell into a tunnel that aspired me down. At first it was a light that resembled a bee hive. There were many people, but I soon began to fall completely through dark tunnels.

There is no comparison whatsoever between the darkness of that place and the total darkness of the earth when the starlight do not show up. This darkness causes suffering, horror and shame. The smell was stinking. When I finished going down through these tunnels, I landed on a platform. I was accustomed to boast that I have an iron will, and nothing was too much for me ... there, my will was useless, because I couldn’t return at all.

At one point, I saw the floor to open like a giant abyss and an endless precipice. The most horrible thing of this width hole was to perceive the absolute absence of God's love, without the slightest hope. The hole suck me and I was terrified. I knew that if I stayed there my soul would die. I was dragged into this horror: Someone had caught me by the foot. My body now came into this abyss and it was a time of extreme suffering and horror.

My atheism left me and started screaming to the Holy Souls for help. As I screamed, I felt a strong pain because I was allowed to understand that thousands and thousands of human beings were there, mostly young. It is with horror that I hear screeching teeth, horrible screams and moans that shook me deeply.

It took me several years, because every time I remembered of this moment, I cried thinking about the souls’s terrible suffering. I realized that there went the souls of suicides in a moment of desperation, they were among these horrors. But the most unspeakable torment was the absence of God: God could not be perceived.

At that time I yelled: "Who could make a similar mistake?. I'm almost a saint: I have never stole, never killed anyone: I have fed the poor, I have healed for free dentures to those who had needed it. What do I do here? I am Catholic, help me. I'm Catholic. Get me out of here."

As I screamed that I was a Catholic a weak flare appeared . I can assure you that in this place the smallest light was the most beautiful of gifts. I saw stairs on the other side of the cliff and I recognized my father, who died five years ago. Nearby, four steps above, was my mother praying, more illuminated by a light. When I saw them, I was overjoyed and said to them, "Dad, Mom, take me out of here, I beg you. Take me out of here." Then I fell into the abyss. Imagine to see their huge pain.

In that place, you can perceive the feelings of others and see their penancies My father began to cry putting his head in his hands: "My daughter, my daughter," he said. My mother prayed and I realized that they could not take me out of there. My grief was added to theirs because they shared mine. So I started to shout again: "I beg you take me out of here. I am Catholic. Who could make this mistake?. I beg you, get me out of here." This time he heard a voice so sweet that shook my soul. Everything, then, was flooded with love and peace and all these sad creatures around me fled because they could not be in front of Love. This lovely voice said: "Good, because you are Catholic, tell me what are the commandments of God".

Here was a wrong strategy on my part. I knew there were ten commandments and nothing else. What could I do?. Mom always spoke to me of the commandment of love, I didn’t have to repeat what she was saying. I thought to improvise and hide my ignorance, as I did on earth, where I always found a good excuse and I justified myself to hide my ignorance. I said, "You shall love the Lord your God above all and your neighbor as yourself." Then I heard: "Perfect, did you love your neighbor there ?. I replied," Yes, I've loved, I've loved, I have loved."

And I was answered: "No. You haven’t loved the Lord, your God, above all, let alone your neighbor as yourself. You had created a God that you adapted to your life and you served it only in urgent need. You kneeled down before him when you were poor, when your family was humble, when you wanted to go to college. at that time you prayed and you kneeled down for hours to beg your god to get you out of the misery: the God would grant you the diploma that would allow you to be somebody. Whenever I had need of money you recited the rosary. That is your relationship with the Lord.".

Yes, I must admit that I took the rosary and expected money in return, such was my relationship with the Lord. I suddenly saw the diploma awarded by the fame, I had never the slightest feeling of love for the Lord. I was never Grateful. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I never thanked God for the new day that he gave me to live, I either thanked for my health, my children's life, or for all that I had. It was the ingratitude in person. I had no compassion for the needy. Actually, you put the Lord so low that you had more confidence in the answers of Mercury and Venus.

You were obsessed with astrology, procaliming that the stars headed your life. You wandered among all the doctrines of the world. You thought you would die to be reborn. And you have forgotten mercy. You forgot that you were redeemed by the Blood of God. Now I was put to the test with the ten commandments. He showed me that I pretended to love God but who I was actually loving was to Satan. Therefore one day, a lady came into my office to offer her services of magic and I said: "I don’t believe, I left the amulet here just in case it works." I had put in a corner an iron horse and a cactus to get away the negative energies.

How shameful was this. It was a test over my life and the Ten Commandments. It was shown to me my behavior face to face with my neighbor. I was taught how I pretended to love God while I have the habit of criticizing all and of accusing them with a finger, me Holy Gloria. He showed me that I was envious and ungrateful. I Never recognized the love that I had to my parents and the sacrifices they had made to educate me and sent me to college. By obtaining my diploma, they sacrificed: I was ashamed of the poverty of my mother, her simplicity and humility. As for my behavior as a wife, I was reminded that I always got up, from morning to night. If my husband said: "Good morning," I answered, "Not so good if it's raining." I also raised my children in that way . He showed me that I had never had love or compassion for my brothers and sisters on earth.

And the Lord said: "You never had consideration for the sick in their solitude, you never did company to them. You had no compassion for the orphans, all these unhappy children." I had a heart of stone in a nutshell. In the test of the Ten Commandments I had not have half an answer correct . It was terrible, devastating. I was completely altered. And I said, "At least I can’t be blamed for having killed someone". For example, I bought supplies for the needy. This was not done for love, rather it was to show generosity. And for the sake of feeling that could manipulate those in need. He said: "Gather these supplies and go in my place to the meeting of parents and teachers, because I have no time to participate." I also liked to surround myself with important people. I had made a certain image of myself. He also told me that my god was money. You are doomed because of money. It is for this reason that you are immersed in the abyss and you have gotten away from the Lord. We had been really rich, but in the end we become bankrupt, without income and full of debts. I answered, and shouted: "What money?. On earth we left a lot of debts."

When the second commandment came, I saw with sadness in my childhood, that I had learned early on that the lie was an excellent way to avoid severe punishment from Mom. I started in hand with the father of lies (Satan) and I became a liar. My sins increased as my lies. I watched how my mother respected the Lord and His Holy Name. And I used that weapon to blaspheme His name. I said: "Mom, I swear to God that ...". And thus avoided punishment. Imagine my lies, involving the Holy Name of the Lord ... And know, brothers and sisters, that words are never empty because when my mother did not believe me, I got into the habit of saying, "Mom, if I lie, that a ray spit me right now. "If words have flown over time, I found with the good lightning that broke me: I was carbonized and thanks to the Divine Mercy here I am.

He showed me, so Catholic, that I did not meet any of my promises and how useless I used God's name. I was surprised to see that in the presence of the Lord, all these horrible creatures around me, prostrated in worship. I saw the Virgin Mary praying and interceding for me. On the day of the Lord I was embarrassed and I felt an intense pain. The voice told me that on Sundays, I spent from 4 to 5 hours taking care of my body: I had not even ten minutes to thank or to pray to consecrate to the Lord. If I started a rosary, I said: "I can do it during the adds before the movie." My ingratitude against the Lord was reproached. When I didn’t want to go to Mass, I said to my mother: "God is everywhere, why should I go?"... The voice also reminded me that God was watching me over day and night and instead I didn’t remember Him at all: and on Sundays I didn’t thanked or expressed gratitude and love. On the contrary, I cared my body, I was his slave and I completely forgot that I had a soul to feed. But I never made it strong with the word of the Lord, because I used to say that those who read the Bible went crazy.

And as for the Sacraments I was completely mistaken. I said I would never go to confession because those old gentlemen were worse than me. The Devil kept me away from the confession and so avoided to have my soul cleaned and cured. The purity of my soul paid the price every time I sinned. Satan made its mark: and left a dark spot. Since my First Communion had not made a good confession. Thereafter, I didn’t receive the Lord with dignity. The lack of coherence had degraded me to blaspheme. "The Holy Eucharist? Can I imagine to see God in a piece of bread?". To that was reduced my relationship with God. Not only did I fed my soul but also continually criticized the priests. Since childhood, I used to say that those people were even more womanizing to the laity. And the Lord said, "Who are you to judge to My consacrated?. They are Men and the holiness of priests is supported by the community that prays for them, loves and supports them. When a priest makes a mistake, the responsibility belongs to the community, never to the priests ". At one point in my life, I accused a priest of being homosexual and the community knew. You can not imagine the evil I have done.

As regards the fourth commandment "Honor your father and your mother", as I said, the Lord showed me my ingratitude face to face to my parents. I complained because they could not offer me what my partners had. I hadn’t appreciated what they did for me, even I said I didn’t know my mother because she was not at my social level. The Lord showed me how I could observe this commandment. In fact, I paid for the medicines and the doctor when my parents were sick, but I analyzed everything in terms of money. Then, I used to manipulate and even to crush them. I felt bad to see my father cry, because he was a good father who taught me to work hard and undertake, he had forgotten one important detail: I had a soul and that, by their bad example, my life had begun to falter . He smoked, drank, went after other women to the point that one day my mom suggested to leave him: "You mustn’t go on with a man like him. Have dignity, let him see your worth". And Mom said, "No, honey, I suffer but I sacrifice because I have seven children and because at the end of the day, your dad proves to be a good father, I will never separate of your father. In fact, if I left, no one would pray for his salvation. I am the only one who could do it, because all these pains and wounds that inflict me, I join them to the suffering of Christ on the Cross, Every day I say to the Lord: 'My pain is nothing compared to your Cross and I pray, save my husband and my children '.I couldn’t understand it and I rebelled, I began the defend of women, to support abortion, cohabitation and divorce.

As the fifth commandment, the Lord showed me the horrible murders I had committed, the most terrible of crimes was: abortion. Moreover, I had financed several abortions because I thought women had the right to choose to be pregnant or not. I was granted to read in the Book of Life and I was deeply mortified, because a girl of 14 years had aborted following my advice. Likewise, I had advised other three girls badly, among which my niece, speaking to them of the seduction of fashion, recommending them to use their bodies by using contraception: this is a kind of corruption of minors aggravated by the terrible sin of abortion. Every time the blood of a child is poured, it is a holocaust to Satan, that hurts and shakes the Lord. I saw in the Book of Life how a soul is formed, at the time when the seed reaches the egg. A beautiful spark emerges, a light like lightning of the sun of God the Father.

Just the womb of the mother is inseminated, the soul is illuminated. During the abortion, the soul moans and screams with pain and the cry is heard in Heaven because it is stirred. This cry is heard equally in Hell, but it is a cry of joy. These children are killed every day. It is a victory of Hell. The price of this innocent blood releases one more demon. I'm immersed in this blood: I become totally obscured. By supporting these abortions, I had lost all sense of sin. For me, everything was perfect. And what about all those children whom I had denied life through contraception used. And so I sank further into the abyss. How could I say that I had never killed. And all the people I had despised, hated, that I hadn’t loved. I have also been a killer, because you can not only kill with gun bullets. You can also kill hating, with evil acts, being envious and jealous.

For one who keeps the sixth commandment, my husband was the only man in my life. I was made seen that every time that I showed my breast and wore my leopard pants, I incited men to impurity and led them to sin. Moreover, I advised women to be unfaithful to their husbands, preached against forgiveness and valued divorce. I realized then that the sins of the flesh are horrendous and reprehensible: although today's world finds acceptable: they behave like animals. It was particularly painful to see that the sins of my father's adultery had hurt their children. My three brothers came to be copies of his father, womanizer and drunkards, unaware of the damage they caused to their children. Tht is why, my father cried with so much pain, proving that the bad example he had given, had an impact on their children.

As for the seventh commandment - You shall not steal - I judged myself honest. The Lord made me see the food wasted in my house while the rest of the world was starving. He said: "I was hungry and look what you've done with what I have given, how they have wasted it. I was cold and you were a slave to fashion and of appearances, throwing money on diets to lose weight. You have made a god from your body. "It made me realize that I was partly to blame for poverty in my country. I was also made to see that when I criticized someone I stole his honor. It would have been easier to steal money, because money can be restored, but not the reputation. And more, I stole from my children the grace of having a warm and loving mother. I left my children to go to the world, I left them in front of the television, the computer and the video games: and to shut up my conscience I bought them designer clothes. What horror. What immense pain. In the Book of Life everything is seen as a movie. My kids said: "Hopefully mom does not return too soon and you have a good jam, because it is heavy and grumpy". Indeed, I had stolen their mother and peace that I had to take home.I didn’t teach them the love of God and to their neighbor. It's simple: if I don’t love my brothers I don’t have anything with the Lord. If I have no compassion, I have nothing to do with him : nothing.

I will now speak of the false testimony and lying, because I became an expert in the field. There aren’t little lies, everything comes from Satan who is his father. The faults that I made with the tongue. Every time gossiping, or taunting someone, or attributed a dismissive nickname, I hurt a person. What harm can do a nickname: I could give a complex to a person calling he or her "the fat"...

In the course of this judgment on the Ten Commandments, It was found that all my sins were the cause of greed, this unhealthy desire. I have been happy with a lot of money. And money became my obsession. this is really sad for my soul because the most terrible moment waswhen I had at my disposal a lot of money. I had also considered suicide. I had so much money that I felt alone, empty, bitter and frustrated. This obsession with money pulled me away from the Lord and made him let go of his hands.

After the examination of the Ten Commandments, the Book of Life was shown to me. I wish I had the words to describe it. My Book of Life began when the cells of my parents joined. Immediately there was a spark, a great explosion and a soul formed well, mine, created by the hands of God, our Father, a God so good. It is truly wonderful. He watches over us 24 hours a day. His love was my punishment, because he was not looking at my body of flesh but my soul and He saw how I walked away from salvation. I would also like to say that at that point, I was a hypocrite. I told a friend: "You look lovely in this dress, how good you look in it." But I thought to myself: "It's a grotesque dress, she believes she is a queen". In the Book of Life appeared everything exactly as I had thought. Also the inside of the soul can be seen. All my lies were exposed and everyone could see them. I was often truant from school, because Mom would not let me go where I wanted. For example: I lied about a research work that I had to do in the university library, and, indeed, instead, I went to see a porn movie or drinking beer in a bar with friends. I think that Mom has seen that and my life have been shown and that nothing has been forgotten. The Book of Life is truly beautiful. My mother had a habit of putting in my basket bananas and, for my lunch, guaba pulp for milk, because in my childhood we were very poor. I ate bananas and throw the skin down, without thinking that somebody could slip and fall.

The Lord showed me that a person slipped after stepping on my banana skin: he/she could have killed for my lack of compassion. The only time in my life that I confessed with sorrow and regret was when a lady gave me 4,500 pesos more in a grocery store in Bogota. My father taught us honesty. While I was going to work, while driving, I realized the mistake: "This idiot gave me 4,500 pesos more and I have to go right back to his/her store" - I thought. There was a huge traffic jam and I decided not to go back. But the remorse I had inside took me, a to confession the following Sunday, accusing me of having stole 4,500 pesos without having restored it. I did not pay attention to the words of the confessor, do you know what the Lord told me: "You have not noticed this lack of charity. For you, it was the money for your small expenses, but for that woman, who earned the minimum, that amount represented three days of food. "The Lord showed me how she suffered, by depriving her and her two young children of food because they were hungry.

Then the Lord made me the following question: "What spiritual treasures do you bring?". Spiritual Treasures??. My hands were empty. "What is it used for? he added if you have two apartments, houses and offices if you can not bring me more than a little dust? What have you done with the talents I have given you ?. You had a mission: This mission was defend the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Love?". Yes, I forgot I had a soul, and I remembered that you had talent: all the good I could do, I have offended the Lord.

The Lord spoke then of the lack of love and compassion. Also he talked about my spiritual death. On the earth I was alive, but I was actually dead. If you can see what is spiritual death. It's like a hateful soul, a soul bitter and angry at all, full of sins and that hurts the world. I saw my soul, it was well dressed outside, but inside it was a truly sewer and dwelt in the depths of the abyss. No wonder it was so rough and depressed. And the Lord said, "Your spiritual death began when you stopped being sensitive to your neighbor. I warned you by showing its misery. When you saw in the news deaths, kidnappings, the situation of refugees, you said poor people, what sadness. But really you didn’t feel sorry for them, you didn’t feel anything in your heart. Sin changed your heart to stone.

You cannot imagine the greatness of my grief when my Book of Life is closed. I was sorry to God, my Father, for having behaved the way I did, for all my sins, for my salvation, for all my indifference and despite my horrible feelings, the Lord has waited for me until the end. God begs our conversion. It is very strong: I could not blame God for my condemnation. By my own will, I chose Satan as father instead of God. After the Book of Life was closed, I remembered that I was heading towards a hole whose bottom was a trap. As I rushed I started calling all the saints in heaven to save me. You don’t have an idea of the name of the saints that came to my mind, to me who was a bad Catholic. Call San Isidro or Saint Francis of Asis and when my list was over, I was silent. Then I experienced a deep sorrow and profound grief. I thought that all people of the earth thought I was dead in the odor of sanctity, may be they waited for my intercession. And look where I landed. Then l raise my eyes and I saw my mother’s eyes. With great pain I yelled at her: "Mom, I am ashamed I am doomed, Mom. Where I go you won’t see me anymore." At that time a great grace was granted. She lays not moving but her fingers begin to point upward. I saw in an instant my past life, when a patient of mine : said, "Doctor, you are materialistic, and one day you will need this: in case of immediate danger, ask Jesus to cover you with His Blood, because He will never abandon you. He paid the price of His Blood for you.".

With a very big shame, I began to sob: "Lord Jesus, forgive me, have mercy. Give me a second chance." In that beautiful moment of my life he came to me - I have no words to describe it -Jesus comes and takes me out of the hole and all those horrible creatures crouched down. When he lifted, he said with all His love: "You are to return to earth, I give you a second chance." But he added that it wasn’t because of the prayers of my family. "It's just, meanwhile,to beg for you. This is thanks to all who are strangers and have cried, prayed and lifted his heart with a deep love for you." I saw many lights on, like little flames of love. I saw people praying for me. There was a much bigger flame: it was giving me a lot more light and love shone above. I tried to know who that person was. The Lord said: "He, who loves you so much, do not even know you." Jesus explained to me that this man had a piece of bed a morning newspaper. It was a poor peasant who lived at the foot of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia northwest). This poor man had gone into town to buy cane sugar. Sugar came wrapped in newspaper and had published a picture of me, as it was burned.

As the man saw me like that, without even reading the full text, fell to his knees and began to sob in deep love. He said, "Lord, have mercy on my little sister. Lord save her. If you save her, I promise I will go on pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Buga (southwest of Colombia). But I beg you, save her". Imagine this poor man that did not complained of hunger and had a great capacity for love, why did he offer to go through the entire region by someone who did not know ‘? And the Lord said: "This is to love your neighbor". He adds: "You're going back (to the ground) and you will give testimony not a thousand times, but a thousand times a thousand".

And misery will be for those who do not change after having understood your testimony, because they will be judged more severely, like you when you come back here one day: the same for my consecrated priests, because there are no more deaf as those who will not hear". This testimony, brothers and sisters, is not a threat.The Lord does not need to threaten us. It is an opportunity that presents you, and thank God, I have experienced what is necessary to live. When any of you die and the Book of Life is open to them, you will see everything as I have seen it. And we all see how we are, the only difference is that our thoughts will feel God's presence. The most beautiful thing is that the Lord will be in front of us, begging every day our conversion we become a new creature in Him, because without Him we can do anything. May the Lord bless you all abundantly. Glory to God.