The Paradise

The Paradise



The final judgment is to cast an introspective glance on one's life to understand it in the light of Truth, removing the obfuscation due to self-justification and deception. It is seeing oneself as God sees us, without masks or those meanness imposed to save one's own image.

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Court of God

When the soul leaves the body, it will be taken to the Court of God to be judged. The judge will be God Almighty who will be indignat to those who have mistreated him in life. The first accuser will be the devil, then will follow the Guardian Angel and finally the own consciousness: the sins will determine the judgment that will be unappeanable. There won’t be any company, no relatives no friends, we will be alone in the presence of God. Unrepentant sinners will understand the ugliness of their sins and no one could absolve them, like we used to. From the divine judgment will come out the fair penance, just as the Scriptures and hell remind us.

We could not hide anything and our sins will be examined, whether of thought, complacency, deed , omission, or scandal. In the balance of divine justice, the riches won’t be weight, as welll as dignity and status: Only the deeds. If they cling to the sin, then we will be lost. And at the end of time, as narrated by the Apocalipse, all people will be judged and the resurrected body will join to the soul for eternal reward or condemnation.

In Saint Anselmo meditations this argument is: "Ohl sinful soul, useless and barren wood destined to the eternal fire, what shall you answer in that day, when you were asked to by the slightest moment of time you have been given?. Oh my soul, what will become of the foolish and idle reasonings, light words , frivolous, ridiculous, of vain and fruitless deeds?".
St. Ambrose, in the commentary on the Gospel of Luke, adds: "Woe of me, if I had not regretted of my sins. Woe of me if in the heart of the night I would not have risen to give thanks (Ps. 118.62). The ax is already laid to the root of the tree (Lk 3:9); give fruits of grace those who can, and fruits of penance to those who deserve it..".

If you have the condemnation of the body, our soul will suffer eternal inprisonment and then the soul will curse the body and body to the soul. While on Earth they agreed to seek satisfaction and forbidden pleasures, now they will be forced to come together in the same torments. It will be different for whom resurrects with a beautiful and glorious body, worthy of a blessed life, in body and soul.

When the world ends, it will end with it all the glories, vanities and earthly pleasures. It will only remain the eternity of glory and joy, or, of torment and unhappiness. The righteous will be in Paradise and the sinners will live in hell and in this place they will give explanations: everything will be lost.

Christ in the hour of eternal judgment, will turn against the reprobate and will say, "Depart from me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire, prepare for the devil and his angels ... and they will go away to eternal punishment" (Mt 25, 41-46). In the end Jesus will adress to the chosen, saying: "Come, you, blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world".
(Mt 25:34).

The trial will come not to affect and leave us in the limbo of indifference, it seems a distant time but it will come sooner or later. We know that this will come, therefore, what are we waiting for to do good and to follow the teachings of Jesus?. Why do we conform to the little and brief human enjoyment instead of changing it by a splendid eternal life in Paradise where reigns joy and eternal happiness that exceeds far off our hope?. Depends on us to consciously decide which way to follow.