The Paradise

The Paradise



Paradise happiness can not be expressed in words, in fact the mystics answer this question with a "I can not explain it". The happiness of which they are witnesses floods them with a great joy and it abducts them because they experiment somehow the divine beauty. And it is this communion with God already on this earth and in a complete way in paradise he abducts and sends in ecstasy.

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What a Happiness

Paradise is a place where there is no evil, and there will be all kinds of good actions, in Paradise, the soul and body of the Saints will enjoy a rest that will never be changed. Saint Paul says that no man on earth has ever seen, heard or understood the beauties, harmonies and joys that God has prepared for those who love him. We will have seen so many beautiful things. We will have experienced many of them. Imagine how many there will be. And in spite of all this, nothing is compared to Paradise, where the Lord has wanted to make shine its beauty and magnificence. In order to know the price of paradise, you must know that is costs the blood of God: Jesus Christ has poured in the last fall so as to deserve Paradise.

David says that the Saints will enter in a torrent of pleasure, and that they will be filled with joy and happiness: they will have anything they want and they will never have anything to be afraid of. Their goods will be left without evils,their pleasures without pain, their rest without anxiety, life without death, their happiness will be endless. Lucky, oh Lord, those who dwell in your house: they shall praise you forever and ever.

The object of happiness in paradise will be God, who is the essence of all the beauties, af all the goodness, and of all the pleasures. He will fill our spirit with the fullness of knowledge, our goodness with the abundance of his peace, our memory with the expansion of his eternity, our substance with the purity of his being: all our senses and faculties with the vastness of his goods. We will see him and we will love him. We will see His magnificence and vision snatch our spirits. We will love His goodness and His joy will satiate our heart.

But how we will rejoice in the Lord ? We will do this with harmony and the tranquility derived from the security that will be eternal. The union will be intimate. Compared to a wife that joins to her husband. Saint John says: we will become like God. That is, we will be pure, holy, powerful wise, and blessed like Him. He will transform us into himself, not destroying us, but uniting us to Him, because he will communicate us with his nature, his greatness, his strengh, his knowledge, his sanctity, his richness, his happiness.

As iron exposed to fire becomes fire, as the sun sets over the glass, it becomes like the sun, so do we, when we will be united to God, we will become somehow the reflection of his light. Who could therefore, understand the joy of a soul enter to Paradise and see his Creator.

What a love. What ectasy. What rapture. What praises and what fruit of grace. Oh holy Zion where everything is and where everything happens, where everything is found and nothing is missing, where everything is sweet and there is no bitterness, where everything is calm and and there is no agitation. Oh blessed land where the roses have no thorns, where the pleasures are painless, where peace is without war and where life is endless.

Oh holy mountain of Tabor. Oh heveanly Jerusalem, where we will eternally sing the magnificent songs of Zion. Who will find disgust in the workplace and in the fight, knowing that God is the reward ? When we will see you, my God ? When will you take me out the chains of slavery ? When will you call me from this exile ? When will you break these chains that bind me to the earth ? Lord, that I die suddenly, so I can get to see you. Blessed, Lord, those who dwell in your house, because they will praise you during the whole eternity.

My soul, why are you still on earth? What are you looking eagerly among the creatures? Will they be able to satisfy your heart? Do you think that the powerful earthly pleasures could extinguish and satisfy an inmortal spirit? Only through God we can find what our soul longs for, and travel the path of the earthly time staring to the sky.