The Paradise


Monastery To achieve Paradise:

- Recognize Jesus Christ as Lord.
- To welcome the Mercy.
- To recognize our sins.
- To welcome the fruits of the Spirit Saint.
- To frequent the Eucharist.
- Don't crave the things of the world.

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Inocence and Charity

Only inocence can open the doors of Paradise. Inocents are the souls that have nerver commited sins, or that having commited it, have been forgiven through penance. They have washed their offences with tears and have obtanied the forgiveness by the blood of Jesus in the Cross.

The only safe way to enter Paradise is charity, the love that acts on behalf of love in Jesus Christ. If it speaks the languages of men and of the angels, but it hadn’t charity, it would be like a metal that rumbles or like a cymbal that resonates. And if it had the gift of profecy, if it had known all the misteries and if it had all the knowledge, if it possessed so much faith to move the mountains but if it didn’t have charity, it would be useless. The charity never ends. The prophecies will dissappear, the gift to speak in other languages will stop and the knowledge will end.
(1 Corinthians: 13, 1-8 ).

"We, however, that belong to the day, have to be restrained, dressed up with the shield of faith and charity. Having like helmet the hope of salvation by means of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has died for us, so that we whether dead or alive could be near Him.
(1 Tes 5, 8 – 10)

This is the man that can decide between life and death. At the end it will be given what he had chosen. "Nothing bothers you, nothing scares you, everything passes: God doesn’t change. Those who have God don’t lack anything" ( Saint Theresa of Avila). In the days of proof and tribulation, fight, so as not to lose your faith, so as not to be defeated by the problems of life. It is in the abandonment of God where we will find the hidden energies and that impulse in the heart that only the burning fire of God cna feed.

Poverty, humility and penance are the basis that you can do good deeds because they take the man to the dominion of passions and to the peace of soul, to the puruty and charity. "Command to those who are rich in this world, that should not be proud, that they should not put hope in the inestability of the richness, but put their faith in God, who give us everything in abundance so taht we can enjoy then. Making good, they enrich with good deeds, to acquire eternal life".
(1 Tim 6, 17).

"And you, rich people: cry for the unfortunate that will fall above you. Your wealthy is rotten, your dresses are worn out by moth. Your gold and your silver are rusty, your filth will rise to accuse you and will devour your flesh like fire".
(Gc. 5, 1).

The truth about the existance of Paradise can help us so as not to drawn us in pain, in the difficult moments or in proof. One truth that iluminates our future and that is the key of the mistery of our suffering and of mortal fate. One truth that fills of joy our poor life of mortals and that changes the sadness of exile in a happy hope: "It is said great things, city of God" Saint Katherine of Siena said: "You will make a big mistake if you dare to speak of the marvelous things that I have seen, because the human words are incapable of explaining the value and beauty of the heveanly treasures".

"The truth is that exists only a way for any person who can enter to paradise: believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus died for those who believe in Him. If we want to make sure our entrance to paradise after death, we hace to believe that Jesus died to save us from the punishment of our sins" Regret and that each one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit".
(Hec. 2,38 ).

Jesus himself gives the answer when he says "I am the way, I am the truth and the life: noone goes to the Father except through me"(Jn 14, 6 ). In other words, only Jesus conduces to God. It cannot reached to the Father, only through Jesus Christ. This is worthy for this and for the other world.

In order to enter to Paradise, after death, and to wait there the resurrection of the flesh and the priviledge to reign with Christ, we need to believe in Jesus, having fatuh in his redentor deed.

This is the only key that opnes the door to heaven. Showed apostle Jhon: "who believe in Him are not condemned, but those who don’t believe in Him are already condemned because they have not believed in the name of only begotten son of the Father." (Jn 3, 18) The apostle Peter testified before the Jewish Sauhedrin, that tried to intimidate the apostles: "And in anyother there is salvation, because it doesn’t exist below heaven any other name , that has been given to the men, from which we could be saved".
(Hec. 4, 12).

The document waens that "all men must give an explanation to God" (Rm 14, 22) the day of the judgement each person will find alone before the eternal Judge. Each one will be considered responsible for their actions. Apostle Paul writes that salvation is obtained through faith, not but their deeds, because ii it were by the deeds "each one of us could be proud of, for having obtained them". (Ef. 2,9 ) and the death of Jesus in the cross would have been in vane.

Salvation isn’t obtained by the conviction of being christian and to have been baptized, like the descendents of Abraham sustained, Father of the Jewish people. They were convinced that their salvation was guaranteed because God had been chosen the people of Israel and they had established their religion. Jhon Bautista summoned them: you must repent and to trust only in your religion.

"Blessed the pure of heart because they will see God" (Mt 5,8) "Everything is clean for pure of heart, but for the contaminated and for those who haven’t got faith, nothing is pure because they have contaminated the mind and the conscience. They boast that they know God, but they deny it with their deeds, being abominable and rebels incapable of every good deed".
(Tit 1, 15. 16).

In fact, from the heart comes all the evil purposes, homicides, adultery, impurity, robbery, false testimonies and libel. These are the things that make man inpure".
(Mt 15.19).

Then, if we want to build ourselves in a solid house where to live in peace and serenity in this life and in the eternal life, we can’t put foundations of straw but build an structure in a piece of land of "Love". Does this kind of structure exist? Yes, and we created ourselves with our good actions, with our effort to be what Jesus wants us: to be Saints.