Breath of the soul

The soul is the gateway to the intelligible world and the divine. The soul is always active and not passive in sensations.
The soul finds in itself intelligible truths that are absolutely stable and eternal. These truths do not come from the soul itself, because it is changeable only in time but from something that transcends reason.

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We come from God: we cannot be deceived. Our soul shouts it in its best moments, the world shouts it with a thousand sweet and solemn voices.
We did not make ourselves: the Lord created us with merciful goodness, with mysterious power. He drew us from the mud, but he shaped us in his image and likeness, he breathed the breath of life in our faces. We have a soul, his gift, the spark of his love, which makes the poor body of earth live.

We belong to God. When the Pharisees insidiously asked Jesus whether or not it was lawful to pay the tax to Caesar, He replied to them: "You hypocrites, why are you tempting me? Bring me money".
And Jesus asked: "Whose image and inscription is this? They answered him: "Caesar's "And He replied: "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God".
Whose image is it that we carry within us? If we are marked with the seal of God, how will we deny the tribute of our miserable existence to the rights of the Creator? We are at the service of God: we must live, work for his glory. In his glory is our happiness: to rebel against him is to rebel against life and run to death.

Let's go to God. From God to God! Why don't we think about it? Why demean the soul by detaching it from its end; why give the earth to those destined for heaven? The kingdom of the Father will be his, provided that the pain of the Son is his.
After the original fall, life is a martyrdom of purification: the soul must rebuild itself in the imitation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He taught us how to go to God. Let's follow him.


Jesus reveals the soul. Men knew they had a soul, but they didn't know it; and they lived as if they were nothing but matter. Jesus comes and dies to save us. If before the soul was precious because it was a gift from God, with the coming of Jesus it takes on the infinite value of the sacrifice of the Son of God.
"You have been bought back at an inestimable price", shouts the Apostle! For heaven's sake don't forget it anymore; Glorify and carry God in your body: do not let the body be the traitor of the soul.

Jesus dies for the soul. His death was so desolate and tortured that we can say that He wanted to die for every soul. Men had strayed from the way of justice, denying God and no longer understanding themselves. Jesus dies ... Do you want to touch the fibers of the soul, which no longer desires open and serene skies, which no longer finds the wings of a dove to fly and rest blissfully in the Heart of God? Jesus dies ... And mystically he will continue to die on the altars that renew the only altar, Calvary.

And the soul? Let's save the soul. Jesus did what he could, divinely. Each soul is his chosen vineyard: he has put his whole life into it; his blood was the dew of celestial fruitfulness. Woe to us if we lose our soul, for trampling on the blood of the Lord! Let us look rather at the cross, and thus we will never forget the price of the soul. We look to the cross and tell ourselves that it would be foolish to want to save the soul without suffering with Christ.


The body is the companion of the soul. We travel together for the conquest of an eternal kingdom: an uncertain and painful journey, not only because of the difficulty of the way, but often because of the whims of one, the weakness of the other. The body tends snares to the soul and tries hard to make it forget its divine origin. The body is matter, it is mud, it is dust, and it sings victory when it manages to drag the soul into matter, into mud, into dust. Vain victory! It is the cry of the most sensational defeat, because the evil one has taken possession of the body and soul.

The body must be the temple of God. It is God's work, it is the conquest of Jesus Christ: we are because God wants it, we move, we live for Him. So what? Why would we want to withdraw from the standards of life that the Lord has given to this rebellious companion of the immortal soul? Why not reflect that grace, God's royal gift, not only purifies and embellishes the soul, but also gives honor and vigor to the body? Oh, we glorify the Lord with spotless purity!

We are deadening the body. We belong to Christ, and Christ was mortified to death on the cross: the cross was His pillow, the cross was His rest. We belong to Christ, therefore we crucify the flesh, we treat the body as a slave to make it truly free; we wage war without quarter on sensuality, on riches, on honors. We are Christ's and, like him, we must present to the Father a body that is a living, acceptable and holy host. And the soul too will have immortal splendor.


Time passes: it passes with respect to itself, it passes with respect to us. It passes because it is in time. God does not pass because he is in eternity. The holy books begin with these words: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth". That beginning was the moment when God began and measured time. We are in time and we pass with time. What our whole life is today will no longer be tomorrow. That tomorrow must be the great concern of the Christian. Tomorrow the mystery will be revealed, tomorrow the shadows will fall, tomorrow I will be before the Lord.

What is time? It is God's expectation. "Work until I return", Jesus says in the Gospel parable, reminding us that the continuous, intimate, fruitful effort on ourselves to conquer eternity makes time, makes life. What would life be like without eternity? Well, time, which measures life, is at the same time wealth or misery of life: wealth if heaven prepares, misery of miseries if it prepares eternal condemnation.

Time is a gift of God, but only the one who knows how to understand the gift of God is blessed, as that which is given to him so that, in work and in pain, he knows how to reach Him. We are in the world to deserve heaven, to prepare eternity. Maybe we haven't understood it yet.

We sanctify and redeem time. Time is golden: here below we can accumulate treasures for the kingdom of God, where thieves neither steal nor moth corrode. The years are not the true measure of life, but it is the love of God, but it is desire and good activity. What have I done with my years? I have lived a long time, but I have lived so little! If Jesus knocked on my door and said to me: "it is time", what would I have to present to him as proof of life lived for him? I die every day at the time; but I am able to live more every day if I remain immersed in the Heart of God.

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