Monastero The wrath or anger, explosive or stifled, is an emotion that, certainly, everyone knows. In every moment of life, we run the risk of "losing our temper", That is to say the control of emotional impulses, when we are in contact with the many irritations and setbacks that we encounter in everyday life.

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Gradually the anger is triggered: the beginning bubbling like water in a pressure cooker; then suddenly it explodes at the slightest pretext. Anger is sometimes a delayed action bomb!

Anger is like a cancer in the heart, is a disease that infects the whole man's behavior. Anger comes the desire of revenge, of indignation, of insults, of blasphemy, vulgarity, of disagreements, arguments, physical violence, murder, and makes man like unto a beast, a wild boar, a bear, a bull. Gregorio says: "The heart inflamed by anger stimuli begins to shake, his body trembles, the tongue gets stuck, the face is on fire, your eyes catch fire; the whole person becomes unrecognizable, and with the mouth emits screams gibberish".

Seneca sees the wrath terrible danger to the integrity of human reason: The best thing is to avoid the wrath symptoms and oppose his birth. Passions are disastrous both, when they need to be and when they command. It is always a sign of weakness and not of strength. Like all the other passions of the soul, it is certainly an evil to be eradicated. If the other vices get the man away from the reason, the anger rushes him into madness.

The wise and balanced human behavior is one that can avoid the vicious excesses, use the right tools and identifies the best strategies to cope with life situations. Anger, if contained and well governed by reason, is for Aristotle a sign of strength and firmness of mind.

Anger becomes sin when it is allowed to settle and grow, multiplying the damage. This will leave room to the devastation and its consequences often irreparable. In Matthew's clear condemnation of wrath: "Everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment." The evangelical rejection of violence then condenses, as is known, in the invitation to turn the other cheek, understood as universal ethical precept.

Calm a man in anger is like trying to put a closed to an overflowing stream that is: better to wait for the lowering of the water. Then you better learn to live without anger than to believe to be able to easily tame. And if it takes us by surprise, because we are weak and imperfect, it is better to reject it immediately that want to enter into negotiations with it. If you leave it, freedom becomes mistress of the square, and is like a snake: which can stick the head, and after takes control of the whole body. If you let grow angry and not repress the bud, it will quickly become uncontrollable, unstoppable and devastating in its effects: grudges, hatred, dislikes. Offenses feed the desire for vengeance, hatred generates that animosity push that explosive rage, uncontainable that incited to commit serious acts.

Avoid at all costs falling into the spiral of violence and hatred, not to lose the mastery of you. With love and patience, accept those who unconsciously, can make you nerves: the troublemakers, the pests, the whiners, the weaklings, the grumpy, the splattered, the people with bad language and all that are unbearable or short-tempered toward you!

How is it possible to repel the assaults of anger? When you will feel growing in you, quickly collect all your strength, with no hardness, rather with calm and determination, otherwise if you react with too violent movement, your heart would be shake much more than anger.

If you want to manage the anger:
  • Be honest, speak the truth without telling lies.
  • You do not have to lose control, solve the problem before the anger takes over.
  • Aggressive shred the problem, not the person.
  • The righteous indignation is used to solve problems and not to create more. Count to ten to figure out what is the best way to respond to the provocation.
  • If your actions are dictated by the heart, surely you will be able to change anger into love.
Overcome anger means returning to be lord of your actions. If anger is temporary and inflames the mind, it can be hampered and off with an intransigent opposition of the will. It must keep it under the rule of reason, sovereign function that preserves the mental integrity and ensures the ethical action.

The impatience, the unrest of our hearts is the after-effects of our diseases, but we can always strengthen us more each day with the help of God. The virtues of patience, temperance, continence takes us back to the mastery of ourselves and of his own subjectivity morale.

Do not serve never be angry in your life because it is only one way to the blessed life. So, do not be angry against the other; but walking calmly and in peace with our brothers and fellow travelers. Clearly, and without exception, I say: "If you can, do not upset you at all, there should be no excuse for you to open the door of the heart to anger".

The aggressiveness, violence and anger that make you so unhappy can be countered in practice with the contrary virtues, which are, the sweetness and patience. You will attain the peace and serenity of the heart, only if you forgive and pray for the person who made you suffer. It is that courage without violence, a force without hardness, is love without anger that will allow the sweetness to break into your heart. Never turn away from God's love, and guard preciously the sweetness of your heart and whenever these take a wrong turn, bring him on the way of love. League your passions and your inclinations with gold chains, that is with the chains of love, to overcome them and rejoice in God's love.