The gluttony is the folly of the abdomen, is an act of selfishness that leads to the abuse of food and makes man a slave of his belly, and is the preferred access route to sin, because if the belly is full, it is easier led into temptation. The sin of gluttony ranks when, appeased hunger, switching to pure appetite satisfaction.

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The gluttony

We must eat to live and not live to eat. You have to eat to feed themselves, yourself not only to satisfy the palate, not to become slaves of greed and pleasure. Greed is sometimes an emotional refuge; it is a sign that something is devouring us.

The man's frustrations never cease to grow and project themselves, usually, on feeding behavior. Gluttony is a disease of the soul that weighs down the human heart, to the point that it's away from the spiritual goods.

By the need to feed themselves, to satisfaction of satiety, it is at this step that lurks the treacherous snare of concupiscence, which overshadows the shadow of a dangerous satisfaction.

Greed belly born the profanity, the smut, talkativeness and the dulling of the senses. In gluttony also it joins the excess words, induced numbness of the body and its effects on the mind.

The pleasure induced by food and drink is not in themselves the subject of a stiff sentences, because it is an innate desire to man. So that does not degenerate into bestiality of lust, it should be kept within limits. They not imposed by arid precepts or commandments based on the fear of God: in an age in which the secular world experiments with new forms of autonomy, the limits are given by reason, which should regulate the desire.

Thomas defines sin as the evil that lies in the soul regardless of the reason; waves, in all cases in which happen to abandon the rule of reason, it happens that there is sin no more, in fact, the sin is a disorderly act or evil.

Gluttony has two forms: one concerns the foods, the other alcoholic beverages. It dazed the faculty of understanding, generates decadence, confuses the words, dirty body and degrades all life.

Drunkenness and gluttony are two sins that do not go almost every one without the other. Who indulges in one cannot slip into the other. It must be austere, because austerity is guard to sobriety, because it's hard, be sober in binges and redundancy. Sobriety is obtained renouncing all excess in eating and drinking.

St. Paul writes: "Many, I have already said several times, and now with tears in my eyes again I say, you live as enemies of the cross of Christ: whose end is destruction will be, because they, who as a god their belly, they boast of what they should be ashamed, all intent on earthly things."

If you intend to remedy the slavery belly you regain your balance, through moderation of the gluttony, especially as temperance does not detract from the pleasure, but makes you freer and more pure, master of your pleasures rather than being a slave, is a means for independence and happiness.