From San Giacomo from Milan - "The sting of love.".

Listen to the flesh complain against the spirit lifted by means of contemplation, even against Christ that elevates the soul.

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The lament of the flesh

Flesh says: I complain to you Oh God, righteous Father, full of mercy, look at your Son, that your righteousness consider the violence done to me and your mercy is bent on my misery. That your Son filled with wisdom and strength has sorrounded me with his wisdom and made me violence with his strength. That your Son hid his wisdom in a flesh similar to mine and slipped slyly at me with great humility and ineffable goodness. He was the most humble, the , the most despised, took upon himself all the miseries and brought all the weaknesses.

He wanted to be crucified in the most cruel way to love everyone. He wanted to be bitterly afflicted by compassion and suffering. He wanted to show the love of his heart with the wound in his side, who gave his sacraments like medicine. Why dwell? He gave his flesh for food, his blood as a drink and promised himself as a reward, calling "mother and brothers" (Mt 12:50) those who do your will. Finally he promised to gird the garment and to serve the guests of his feast not only on the earthly pilgrimage, but also into their blessed home.

With all these things and others that do not know to tell strongly he lured the soul that was given to me. He did not limit himself to grab her, but upon entering the intimate pulled her with his strength, to the point that join it to him with his caresses until it becomes oblivious of me, even leading it to despise, stoop, trample and reduce me to nothing . The soul who loves me because things harshest dedicating special prayers and wishes bitterness when no one imposes me. I am mortified and do not care, they are immersed in the mud and exults. Because it adds a longing pain, that I suffer more intensely? Finds its glory in being able to offend, insult, what is most contemptible and tart imaginable.

Leave so afflicted me desolate, while it reside continuously with your Son, feed more of his flesh and his blood to be intoxicated. Wherever he is, does it anyway dwell with Him? Now comes small with Him in the manger, then close to Him in the arms of the Virgin, carried in the womb of the Virgin, sucking milk from the Virgin. With him thirsty, hungry with Him, with Him is covered with spit, with Him is wounded, with him being on the cross with Him in heaven rejoice in your presence, with Him and with Him is suffering consoled. It goes with Him wherever He directs, does not want anything without Him. He cannot devote himself to anything without Him. What will he say to you, God the Father, your Son who has so intoxicated the soul you gave me making my bitter Foe?

If you have committed a robbery, I have to return it. It seems to me no small thing like abducting the only soul. Why, then, the soul given to me just loves your son? Why hate me so? Why leave all the rest? Absorbed in the love of your Son moves beyond sense; In fact, he sees nothing, hears nothing else, nothing else tastes, smells like nothing else. Always she wants to be in his arms, where he finds joy, rejoices, is full of delights, and rests inebriated of unspeakable sweetness. No wonder that my soul adheres well to your Son, since after all He has done for her, should not have to do, if not harder than stone and more insensitive iron, otherwise quite foolish. Where is so hard stone that such an ardor of love did not break, even if it would melt like wax should be given her what I said above? So with you, good Father, I do not complain of the soul, because he did what he had to, but your son who has drawn with immense gifts and left me in such great misery.

Listen carefully to what the soul merciful Father answers.
For you are my child, I will grant justice combined with mercy. In truth, despite being servant of the soul, you always wanted to dominate and you always moved in disorder. You induced her to serve you and you did not surrender her to me, which caused her all wrong, which is worse, she was made in my image, making it similar to the slavery of the devil, indeed worse than the beasts. You presented the loathsome and abominable, more than any haze obscuring it to the point that I could no longer recognize my noble creature. Because she loved too much flesh, so it was necessary that My Son became incarnate to lure her to his and my love. Adhering to you flesh, the soul that belongs to me was dead and to give it life my Son made flesh willed to die for his sake. My son was not there in any kind of deception, but only my and his inexpressible benevolence. You, flesh, from the beginning, perhaps not badly, while my son with great love for her offered his life fully implementing the perfect justice for all and completely free did it, so that you detest it and wish to be despised by all? Because not only justice but also imploring mercy, I want sometimes even in the present life you are inundated the sweetness that the soul experiences in my Son. Also I will give you a very noble dowry and most perfect in the future. If the soul down here faithfully obey all over, not only will free you from eternal punishment but also from purgatory, I who live forever and ever.