The miser

Devoured by greed and anxiety to possess more and more, the miser chasing ephemeral treasures and forgets that the only good that can fill the human heart, it is God himself. Who worships money has withered heart from selfishness and materialism.

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Avarice is a synonym for stinginess, meanness, stinginess, greed and covetousness. It is such an important habit that contends the primacy to pride or flanks. There is no kind of sin which in some cases is not from pride, and that in other cases does not descend from the greed.

The miser is under the thumb of money that enslaves him and brings him to use any means to fill their greed. It is greed that arises: betrayal, fraud, perjury deceptions, restlessness, violence and hardness of heart, so is the root of many evils.

Avarice and greed are at the origin of: sadness, aggression, envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, anxiety, and depressive stages. The obsessive quest for material goods because a deep soul trauma. The possession of money or material goods is not an evil; it is, however, the emotional relationship that is established with them, as the mad greed used to take possession of such property.

The miser is never satisfied or satisfied with what he has; continually she envies others, especially those who own more than he despises the poor and the needy, who refuses alms. He lives with the obsessive fear of putting money, and if you lose a small amount of money, has the impression that the world collapses on him.

But how he could lead a peaceful life the one who constantly lives in restlessness for stock market information, to the increase of salary, for the heritage that belongs to him, for investments to be made and the tricks to be put in place to pay less tax? Would it not be appropriate to reflect on the words of Jesus: "Do yourself a treasure in the heavens, for where your treasure is, there also will your heart?".
(Lk 12,34).

Do you really think the covetous or greedy to accumulate goods on goods in anticipation of eternal life? How he could think of eternal salvation one who loves her more than God's riches, or that deprives the poor of a gesture of compassion? The miser does his gold and his silver, his god. And your garments are moth-eaten, your gold and your silver have rusted, and their rust will be elevated to witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire.
(Jas. 5,3).

The miser's eye is not satisfied with his share, the insane greed dries his soul (Sir 14,9). Put to death, therefore, that part of you that is earthly: fornication, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.
(Col 3,5).

Driven by ambition, greed and lust for money, the miser does not want to recognize that his possessions belong to God, and entrusted to him as a means and not as ends in themselves. Greed is like a malignant fever, which is strong and burning and makes it insensitive, fire greed consumes and devours the covetous never burn.

Therapy to cure greed is to practice the contrary virtues, that moderation and generosity, which is the opposite of hatred, contempt, envy, anger, sadness, indifference.
Being generous means working to overcome the fears and their own selfish interests to use wisely the goods entrusted to us by God, not chase more than is necessary to gain.

If you are a miser thinks the folly of this sin that makes you a slave of the love of money; He thinks that at death you will need to leave everything, and leave your possessions. You still have time to eradicate this evil weed. Begins to open their hearts to charity, the secret to get rich in a short time is in moderation of desires, the renunciation of superfluous material goods, the interior detachment, so that the heart becomes open to the sky and impenetrable to riches and passengers goods.

Seduced by the culture of the ephemeral that entangles us, we cannot err, and swerve from another experience. It is necessary, at this point, to focus attention on values. But what is the supreme value above all other values? It is the primacy of love. And it is the Gospel of love specialist, the place where love speaks of himself; is the Gospel that tells me "you must love" and in the recovery of the language of love is at stake is the possibility for man to be truly human.

Love is a reality that we must always be and how the sun, you also have to shine, you have to burn and enlighten. The language of love is mysterious inexpressible but eloquent: always new and always the same, like the breath of life, like the beating of the heart. It is the act of mercy that the language of love is expressed in the radicalness of his free self-giving. This is the ineffable mystery of love that moves us in the fraternal reconciliation, and says at the same time, how necessary it is listening to a language that is not of this world, but is the language of God himself. Love is a gift that feeds into his self-giving. If he is imprisoned in selfishness, the love dies.

If you are tired of being oppressed by avarice back in the depths of your conscience, question to know what the deep roots that have buried in you greed of money. To defeat this evil plant has to develop in you the seed of charity. Make your choice of love, this fire will propel upwards, it will rise to the sky. Remember that without the love of God all the rest is useless.