Monastero Lust is that thought which cannot be thought, is an inordinate desire of the flesh pleasure, passion is an evil that corrupts the soul, is similar to moths that destroy the dry wood, attacking from within. Lust makes the man to use his sexuality so selfish and wrong.

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Born in the heart of man, before implemented in concrete actions, makes careless spirit, dark, light, fickle and coarse, is not only a perversion of sexual behavior such as rape, prostitution, incest, pedophilia, but also a ' infection that infects the heart entirely. It is a disease of the soul.

Today lust is not considered immoral; it is indeed justified and legitimized in the name of sexual freedom. The search for physical pleasure, an end in itself, is a form of degradation and slavery if they lived outside of a true love relationship. The drag on the lustful sexuality rapidly into a state of dependence, to run endless satisfaction and relegates his conduct on the horizon of the night and sinks spiritual aridity.

Lust is linked to pleasure, and it is not only pleasant but also a thought given the experience of pleasure that a horizon of meaning. Lust of the body is accompanied by a strange lust of the mind that is open to different possibilities of thinking existence. This relationship exists, and it is a bond of deviance, of transgression, alteration of the action.

Sexuality resides in the mind, and when the imagination takes flight, animated by the search for pleasure, come on, you do not know where it goes, because it ignores the limits, restrictions, prohibitions, hierarchies, and through it all like a whirlwind, and subverting mocking all morality. The danger lays in pleasing voluntarily in licentious thoughts, and the root of the evil is in the voluntariness. The consent to the licentious thoughts brings indifference, that inspires the soul a feeling of omnipotence of a false inner freedom which is all the more dangerous the more conscious and thoughtful. The momentum of thought euphoric lust, like the body, has unpredictable and obscure aspects developments; you must raise the barrier with the most lucid reason abyss of the psyche, highlighting the most disturbing aspects.

Conformism indifference has succeeded in reducing sex only a matter of physical pleasure that weakens the position of putting sexuality at the service of big powers. The multinationals of consumption and entertainment, using hedonism to convey the single thought, to economic exploitation.

Those living in debauchery seeks a false happiness in carnal pleasures and satisfaction of their instincts, but the lustful tries in vain to fill this emptiness with an immoderate and insatiable sexuality. If you ask them what they do or what they have done, they will say they have not done anything wrong. "Oh," they say, "we have not killed, we did not steal; we are not thieves nor murderess." And they do not realize that they roll in the mud and filth of a thousand sins, and which are linked by many passions.

This is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain immodesty, that everyone knows how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God. Jesus in the Gospel, is very explicit about it: Everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. St. Augustine says that what matters most are the acts themselves and the intention with which it is accomplished. Our acts are honest only if please God, only if we fulfill them with a pure heart, that is, facing the sky with an intention of love.

It is unclean all that humiliates, degrades, profane, lowers, is without respect, without gentleness, without regard for the other. The purity is not found in the absence of desire, but the desire without guilt and without violence, accepted and shared in the desire, the desire that elevates.

With the help of divine grace, you can overcome slavery and exit from the impurity, which is devoid of balance, radiance and inner joy. If you want to heal that thirst consuming and never satisfied, you must accept and recognize your wounds, the evil inclinations, and sincerely want to get rid of it, and then ask insistently through prayer, healing. If you do not get tired in the end God will grant you healing and the complete liberation from this bondage.

Chastity is a gift that God gives to those who ask incessantly in prayer of spirit in deep humility. Only God is able to change your heart, because that is where chastity originates, a virtue that once obtained will spread its fragrance throughout the body.