St. Mandic

Monastery It was a confessor, he shone for his faith, his humility, his love for the Eucharist and the Virgin, his charisms were directed to his total dedication to the most needy penitents.

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Prodigies of St. Leopoldo Mandic

Elsa Raimondi, was born in Lusia, Rovigo in 1922, in April 1944 she was admitted to a hospital in Lendinara for inguinal hernia, but during the surgery, he doctors found a severe form of tuberculous peritonitis. she was discharged from the hospital with a terrible prognosis, doctors considered the inevitable, death of the patient. The parish priest went to see Elsa and spoke to her of the wonders of Father Leopold. It was July 30th when the sick woman began a novena to the saint asking him to intercede for her at Our Lady of Pilastrello, venerated in Lendinara. At the end of the novena Raimondi said she saw Father Leopold and to her question whether she would have healed before September 12th, he replied: "Yes, yes." The day of the feast she wanted to be taken to the Sanctuary of the Madonna with the other patients, but the doctor made her go back home, fearing for her life.
It was evening when Elsa heard an interior voice that ordered her to get out of bed. She obeyed, telling the people present: "I have no sickness, I am healed, Father Leopold has freed me from my ailments." At that moment came the doctor who was stunned: he visited once and found her clinically cured.

Sunday, March 4th 1962, Paolo Castelli, born in the Province of Como in 1902, was returning from Mass and started to suffer from severe pain in the abdomen. Hospitalized in Merate, clinical tests showed a thrombosis and damage to the upper small bowel; surgery was attempted, but it was suspended because of the hopeless conditions of the patient.
The wife of Paul, devoted to Father Leopold, attached on the jersey of the ill man a medal of the Holy man and requested him to intervene. Strong of her firm faith, she recited the Our Father twelve times, but could not finish because her husband stated shaking and screaming, "I feel bad, I feel bad, I'm dying." The wife exclaimed: "Lord, Thy will be done". But then Paul began to shout, "I'm healed, I'm healed, I am all right." In the morning, the doctor found him perfectly cured and sent him home, but could not give an explanation for the healing.

Elizabeth Ponzolotto was born in Ronchi, Ala in 1925. She was admitted to the hospital on March 15th, 1977 for a heart problem. During her hospitalization the patient complained of excruciating pain in her left foot while the leg became swollen and bluish, there was no doubt it was gangrene in the foot. On March 27th the doctors, to save her life, proposed the amputation of the limb. Elizabeth asked, at least, for one day prior to the surgery.
The doctor on call who will testify at the trial said: "I remember being called multiple times because the conditions of Ponzolotto continued to worsen. The poor woman was the blankets for the pain ... At about half past one I saw the patient who gave the impression of being in a catatonic state, while being fully lucid ...". So says Elizabeth in the deposition process: "When I told the doctors to postpone the amputation, I was waiting for the answer of my confidant, and I mean Father Leopold, whose image with the relic I always kept on the sore leg. I relied completely on Father Leopold, with the certainty of being heard. And he answered me. At one point, while the nurse was out and I was alone in the room, I saw entering a Capuchin friar, small, with a white beard. I recognized him right away. It was Father Leopold. He walked around the bed, looked at my leg and said" I know that you suffer a lot and you have to endure so much pain, but the leg will be saved. "And he slowly walked out of the room. I burst into tears. The pain in the leg disappeared and I fell asleep. I had not slept for four days. The nurse came and was stunned; she looked at my leg and found it rosy as the other. I told her everything". The doctors had to recognize the amazing healing which was declared humanly inexplicable. Elizabeth returned home and resumed her chores, without suffering anymore discomfort in her leg.

Alberto Bedin, was bedridden and completely paralyzed suffering from a spinal cord injury which had happened in the 1915-18 war. Father Leopold knew Albert and his sickness, and before he died he sent a note, inviting him to have faith, because he would walk again. Alberto, confident in the words of Father Leopold, waited for the fulfillment of the promise, and in the meantime endured its ills and prayed. On the evening of November 7th, 1946, while he was hospitalized and around his bed were some nurses of the hospital, Bedin felt inside a voice saying to him: "Get up and walk", then a deep shiver shook him everywhere. He jumped to his feet, he took his first steps and then began to run around the room, shouting for joy for his amazing healing.