St. Vianney

John Baptist Mary Vianney, known as the Curé by Ars

Here are some of the miracles that occurred in Ars.

Miracles of St. Curato D'Ars

One day, in the orphanage for females "Providence" founded by the curate, the lady at the bakery. informed Vianney that the cupboard was bare. The priest replied: "Go to collect the last grain scattered in the attic." The lady knowing that the attic was desolately empty obeyed the saint, but when she tried to open the door she had to push with all her strength and, to her surprise, when the door opened, she saw that the floor was full of grain ... miraculous! One day a brother visited the attic with the curate and told him point-blank: "The wheat came all the way here, didn't it?". "No, replied the curate, higher up, so far".

In May 1843 Claudine Raymond, sick to the larynx and bronchial tubes, went to Ars to ask for healing because she could not speak and to express herself she had to write on a tablet. In Ars the priest said: "My daughter, the remedies of the earth are useless, and the Lord wants to heal you. Talk to Saint Philomena, place the tablet on the altar and say that if she doesn't want to give your voice back, that at least she should surrender hers". "Immediately - said Claudine - I threw myself at the feet of the little saint and, after my prayer, I was healed. For six years I had suffered excruciating pain and for two years I could not speak. Back in the hotel, I read aloud, to several people, a few pages: I was completely healed".

Anna Thorin, after hearing the miracles that happened in Ars decided to take there her son, eight years old, who was suffering from pains in the femur. She arrived in Ars on February 25th, 1857, bringing with her her son who was in a wheelchair. Although tired from the arduous journey, she spent the night in the vestibule of the church, hoping to be the first to meet the curate. When he saw her he comforted her, celebrated the Mass and invited her son over to the sacristy. "This guy, he said, is too big to be carried around put him on the ground". "But he cannot", said the mother. And he said: "You can trust in Santa Filomena," and kissed the innocent on the forehead. The boy began to walk, barely holding on he went to the altar of Saint Philomena, he knelt down and remained in prayer for a long time. When he got up, he was healed. he asked for food and ran toward the door of the church, towards life.

Two non believers professors of the University of Lyon wanted to go to Ars to taunt the priest. They entered the small church while he was celebrating the Holy mass. They placed themselves in a position to observe all his movements. When it came to the elevation of the Body of Christ, one of them, seeing all the people bow down, thought to himself: "How can intelligent people recognize their God in a piece of bread?" The holy Curé, at the time of Communion, turning to the faithful, stared at the professor as if reading in his soul those thoughts of disbelief. Made a genuflection, lifted the Host over the chalice, saying the liturgical words: "Behold the Lamb of God!" The Host escaped from his hands and went to rest on the tongue of the first person kneeling at the balustrade. The Holy priest stared again at the non believer, as if to say: "A simple piece of bread can do this?". The professor felt shocked and moved. He knelt down and worshiped him, then ran from the Cure for confession. Later he consecrated himself priest of the Dominican order.

In November, 1862, after the death of Vianney, the bishop of Belley established the Tribunal for the Regular Process for the beatification of the Curé d'Ars.
The court picked seventeen healing that had taken place after the death of the saint. They chose two, the most significant for the beatification.

Adelaide Joly, in September 1861, was hit by severe pain in the left arm. She was taken to the chief physician of the Hospital of Charity of Lyons, where he found that there was a tumor in the arm, for which she would always be crippled, with no hope of recovery.
Adelaide lived in an orphanage run by the Daughters of Charity. Together with them began a novena of prayers to the Cure of Ars, whose, the sisters owned a pair of old shoes. On the seventh day of the novena Adelaide discovered with joy that "the arm did not hurt anymore." At the end of the novena the healing was perfect: the tumor had disappeared. The doctor, surprised, taken notice of the healing released a certificate, which was sent to the bishop of Belley.

The miraculous recovery of the young Leone Roussat is narrated by his father. "In January 1862 my son was hit by nervous crises, more and more severe. We turned to doctors, but to no avail. Indeed Leone was getting worse. I went to Lyon to a specialist who prescribed the use of ferruginous waters. The result was that the crisis increased in number and intensity: on an average, they repeated fifteen times a day. I returned my son to Lyon to the same specialist, who, in the end, said, "Your son is young ... some heal, others do not heal, it is useless for you to bring him back here." There was only one hope: bring our son to Ars: We had already started a novena to the Holy Priest. The pastor advised against it because he feared, rightly, that the child would have died during the trip. But, on May 1st, we decided to go to Ars, just as the bishop of Belley was blessing the first stone of the church of Ars ... We brought our son to the tomb of the saint and when, back at the hotel, we saw Leone completely paralyzed, and yet he took a glass in his right hand and started to have fun ... Back to the village to Saint Laurent, at a late hour, we sat down for dinner. Leone suddenly "ran". He was cured, healed perfectly".

Marilde Rugeoi at age 28 was hit by tuberculous of the laryngitis, with complete loss of her voice. Knowing that her illness was incurable, she ceased to consult doctors and chose to participate, in July 1910, to a pilgrimage to Lourdes which was on the way to Ars. The Virgin of Massabielle did not heal her, despite the many prayers. In Ars, the pilgrims gathered around the altar to kiss the relic of the Holy Curé. Marilde, full of confidence in her heart begged him: "If you want, you can heal me." Suddenly she started singing with the others: she had been mute for four years. The healing was instantaneous and complete. With a clear voice she made her depositions before the ecclesiastical court: her recovery was a miracle.
The Holy Curé was proclaimed, by Pope Pius XI, patron saint of all the priests of the Church.

He was proclaimed saint by Pope Pius XI on May 31, 1925.


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