Pio of Pietrelcina

He undertook particularly in the spiritual direction, striving to help souls to discover and value gifts and charisms, that God grants as and when he wants in his mysterious liberality.
John Paul II

Miracles St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Ms. Cleonice - spiritual daughter of Padre Pio told: "During the last war, my nephew was taken prisoner. We did not get the news for a year. Everyone thought he was dead. The parents went mad with grief. One day the mother threw herself to the feet of Padre Pio who was in the confessional, "tell me if my son is alive. I will not get off your feet if you do not tell me". Padre Pio was moved and with tears streaming down his face said, "Get up and go quietly". A few days later, my heart could not bear anymore the heartfelt cry of the parents, I decided to ask the Father for a miracle, full of faith, I said to him: "Father, I am writing a letter to my nephew Giovannino, with only the name, not knowing where to direct it. Both you and your Guardian Angel take it where he is. Padre Pio did not answer, I wrote the letter and I placed it on the nightstand, in the evening, before going to bed The next morning, to my surprise, astonishment and almost fear, I saw that the letter was gone, moved, I went to thank the Father who told me: "Thank the Virgin." After a fortnight, the family was weeping with joy, thanking God and Padre Pio: A letter arrived in response to mine from the man who was believed dead".

A woman from San Giovanni Rotondo, "one of those souls," said Padre Pio, "Who make confessors blush because there is nothing to absolve" in other words a soul worthy of Paradise had this experience: towards the end of Lent, Paolina, this is the name of the lady, became seriously ill. The doctors said that there was no more hope. The husband, with five children, went to the monastery. Plead with Padre Pio, while two younger children, clinging to his habit, were sobbing. Padre Pio was upset, tried to comfort them, he promised prayers but nothing more. A few days after the start of Holy Week, Padre Pio acted differently. To those who implored his intercession for the healing of Paolina, the Father says in a firm voice: " She will resurrect on Easter Day." On Good Friday Pauline lost consciousness, and on Saturday fell into a coma, after a few hours the agonizing woman was paralyzed and soon after she died. Some family members of Paolina found her wedding dress to dress her according to the tradition of the town, others, desperate, run to the convent. Padre Pio repeated: " she will resurrect ...". He went off to the altar to celebrate Mass. While singing the Glory, and the sound of the bells announced the resurrection of Christ, the voice of Padre Pio was broken by a sob as his eyes filled with tears. At the same time Paolina "resurrected". Without any help she got off the bed, kneeled and recited, aloud, three times" I believe". Then she stood up and smiled. She was healed ... in fact, she resurrected. Padre Pio had said: " She will be resurrect", he had not said, "She will be healed." When, a little later, when she was asked what happened in the period in which she was dead, Pauline, blushing with shyness, replied: "I climbed, climbed, happy ... When I was about to enter a great light, I came back, I came back down ... ". She did not add more.

The farmers of San Giovanni Rotondo, remember with pleasure this event. It was spring. The almond trees in bloom promised a good harvest but suddenly the fields were invaded by caterpillars. Millions of voracious caterpillars devoured leaves and flowers. They did not spare even the rind. After two days, after having tried in vain to stop the scourge, the owners, for many of whom almonds were the only source of income, spoke to Padre Pio. From the window of the convent overlooking the plantations, observed the almond seeds buried by the swarm so he decided to bless them. Covered in his stole, began to pray. After the prayers, he took the holy water sprinkler and traced in the air, in the direction of almond, a large sign of the cross. The next day, the caterpillars had disappeared, but the almond trees were bare sticks now the harvest had been lost. But ... Instead, amazing! There was an abundant harvest, a harvest like never before. But how could the trees bear fruit without flowers? How could they give almonds, reduced to mere pieces of wood stuck in the ground? The experts and botanists have never been able to answer.

Maria was the she learned of a newborn child who fell ill , after a medical examination that the little creature was suffering from a very complicated illness. When any hope to save him was lost, Maria decided to go by train to San Giovanni Rotondo. She lived in a village at the opposite end of Puglia but had heard so much about this Friar who bore bleeding stigmata, the same as those of Jesus on the Cross, who did great miracles, healed the sick and gave hope to the disheartened. She left immediately, but during the long journey the child died. She put him between her personal clothing and, having watched him all night on the train, she put him in her suitcase and he closed it. Thus came the next day in San Giovanni Rotondo. And 'desperate, she had lost the most precious thing she held in this world but she had not lost her faith. The same evening was in the presence of the friar of the Gargano, she was in line to confess, her hands holding tightly the bag containing the small body of her son, now dead for more than twenty-four hours. Arrived in front of Padre Pio who was praying, when the woman kneeled she was sobbing with cries of despair, she implored his help, and he looked at her intently. The mother opened the suitcase and showed the little body. The poor friar was deeply touched and was also tormented by the pain of this inconsolable mother. He took the baby and, with the stigmatized hand resting on his head, he turned his eyes to the sky and said a prayer. It did not take more than a second when the poor creature was already revived, with quick movements he removed the legs first from the suitcase and then the small arms, the boy seemed as he was waking up from a long sleep. Looking at the mother said, "Mother, why do you cry, do not you see that your child is sleeping?". The cries of women and the crowd which where filling the small church burst into a standing ovation. Crying: Miracle. It was May 1925 when the news of this humble friar who heals the lame and resurrected the dead, rushed on the telegraph wires around the world.

In 1954, a lady tells: my father, Then a worker for the railway, at the age of forty-seven became ill with a strange disease that paralyzed his lower limbs. Vana turned to every possible cure, after about two years his job was about to be compromised. As the situation worsened, an uncle advised my father to go to San Giovanni Rotondo, where lived a Capuchin Friar to whom the Lord had given special gifts. With many difficulties my father arrived in the small town in the Gargano accompanied and supported by this uncle. In church he met Padre Pio, who, seeing how he was dragging himself through the crowd, he said aloud: "Make room for that railway worker." Yet I knew he did not know my father nor that he was railroader. A few hours later Padre Pio was engaged in fraternal conversation with Dad. He put a hand on his shoulder, comforted him with a smile and gave him words of encouragement. When my father turned away from him did not notice that he was suddenly healed. My uncle followed him in surprise, holding in his hands the two sticks that were no longer needed.


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