Basilica of the Saint House, one of the most important and ancient places of pilgrimage of the Catholic world.

The city of Loreto is developed around the Basilica what it entertains the relic of the Saint House of Nazareth where the Virgin Mary was born, he lived and received the announcement of the birth of Jesus.

Paralysis of the lower limbs

In 1936 Adolfa Sala, 30 years old, of Como, was hit by a pain in the spine and paralysis of the lower limbs and was forced to stay in bed all the time. The paralysis spread to the upper limbs and the muscles in the neck that made her unable to perform any movements of the head and trunk. The doctors of Como and Milan utilized all the therapeutic resources available without obtaining significant results. Adolfa put her hope of recovery in the intervention of the Celestial Mather and her faith led her, in 1937, on a pilgrimage to Lourdes but to no avail.
In September 1939 Adolfa goes on a pilgrimage to Loreto, along with other sick people of Lombardy. At the morning Mass, celebrated in the sanctuary, Adolfa felt a sensation of intense heat that emanated from the legs first and then went around the body giving her a calm and well-being sensation. All pain had disappeared, and then, driven by an inner force, she rouse from the stretcher and sitting on the couch she took Communion. The doctor who was part of the pilgrimage stated: Adolfa Sala had been freed from all aligns and the healing was permanent.

Recovery from spinal tuberculosis

Giacomina Cassani of Bardi, in 1930, at the age of 16, began to suffer from pain in the spine. The clinical tests proved the presence of a tumor on the left thigh. She was immediately admitted to a clinic in Parma and subsequently transferred to the Maggiore Hospital to treat the abscess, a brace was also applied, but to no avail.
On September 9th 1939, Giacomina went on a pilgrimage to Loreto and took part in the celebrations while in a wheelchair. On the third day, with all the other sick people, in front of the Basilica of SS. Sacramento, she experienced stabbing pains in the spine. After the church service, she began to feel much better and a sense of general well-being invaded her body and she felt as having been of completely cured. When she retired to her room, she felt a strong desire to take off the bust off, but the nurse would not let her. As soon she arrived back in Parma, she went to the nursing home and there, without any shadow of a doubt, she was declared completely cured.

Chronic deforming poly arthritis

Giuseppina Comaschi Rossi of Mantua, began, at age 40, to suffer from joint pain that forced her to bed, pernicious anemia and chronic poly arthritis.
In August 1939 her doctor, Dr Sandri, released a statement in which he described the situation of the invalid: Giuseppina was affected by a severe emaciation with hypo tonic muscles, a marked anemia, with widespread joint pain especially in the arms and hands. The woman was severely sick, could not stand on her feet and could not walk. In Josephine came a great desire to visit the Madonna of Loreto and the pilgrimage took place in September 1939. This is what Josephine said of that experience: "I was taken, in the morning, the Shrine for Mass. After Communion, I felt bad, really bad: I thought I was about to die. I was about to call for help, when I felt my body wrapped by a tremendous heat, which gave me a sense of well being never experienced before. At that moment I felt strong enough to get up and walk. I was then taken to the chapel where the "Word became flesh" I felt like a sweet ecstasy. I said nothing of what had happened. In the afternoon, during the Eucharistic blessing, the miracle was completed. The next night I slept soundly. In the morning, I did everything by myself. My recovery was now known to all: indeed, the crowd of pilgrims surrounded me and carried me in triumph. The Loreto Doctors all agreed and declared my full recovery. The return was equally triumphant.".

Fracture of the cranial vault

On October 23th 1934 Bruno Baldini of Florence, while riding his motorcycle on the outskirts of the city, was victim of a serious accident. Admitted to the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, clinical examinations identified a severe brain injury. In July 1935, he found himself completely mute and with difficulty in moving, so much so he practically had to drag himself painfully between the domestic walls. Baldini one day heard a clear voice in a dream telling him to go on a pilgrimage to a shrine and not to lose hope. he left for Loreto, taking advantage of a pilgrimage of the sick that was scheduled in those days;Once at the hotel, while sleeping, he heard the same voice that had told him not to lose hope, telling him to stand up and speak. I suddenly woke, got up from bed and ran to the next room to Mr. Giusti, and I told him "I can speak." "No one can imagine what I felt in hearing my voice after four years which, I thought, I had lost her forever." All the pilgrims joined Baldini in thanking the Virgin for the miraculous healing granted to him.

Tuberculous peritonitis

Carolina Sacchi of Milan describes her illness: "I began to suffer 7 years of age. Ill, the age of sixteen, I was struck by bilateral dry pleurisy from which I never healed properly. I had five surgeries:in the stomach for appendicitis, finally I was operated on for tuberculous peritonitis. But the illness went on. But I never lost hope. I had a particular devotion to the Virgin Mary, especially since, very young, I lost both parents. In 1932 I went to Lourdes, where I had many spiritual consolations and some physical benefit: After the bath, I found myself completely straightened. The following year I returned to Lourdes and in prayer I heard a voice saying to me, "Lina, if you want to heal you have to come on a stretcher and alone" I was convinced that who had spoken to me, was the Virgin Mary. Therefore I manifested to my family the desire to be taken to a shrine of Our Lady. The Holy House of Loreto was chosen. On September 18th 1936. I left Lombard by train, this time "on a stretcher and alone." The illness had never ceased to torment me. The only consolation were my constant prayers. I participated in the Holy Mass in the Basilica, then I waited for my turn to enter the Holy House. Once in, I immediately said to Our Lady: "I am here like you wanted me, on a stretcher." At that moment a very strong I shuddered all over and I found myself sitting on the stretcher. I immediately understood then that a great change had taken place in me, and that Our Lady had healed me. All of my pain was gone." The Medical Bureau of Loreto did nothing but confirm the perfect healing, which remained stable over the years.


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