St. Francis

Monastery In the process of canonization of St. Francis, the Church authorities have recognized over forty miracles. Here are some.

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Miracles of St. Francis

A woman especially devoted to Saint Francis died in the city of Montemarano. In the wake many people gathered to pray, the corpse suddenly woke up and asked the priest, who was there, to confess. After the confession, she confided to the priest : "I was waiting to be sentenced to a harsh penalty but St. Francis sought and obtained for me the grace to come back to life, to repent and confess all my sins." Afterwards, the woman fell asleep in the Lord.

At Capua, a boy drowned in the Volturno, a man, who was witness, drew the boy to the shore, now dead. The people although had realized the boy was dead, began to invoke the intervention of St. Francis. The monk did not disappoint them, the boy, in fact, got up as if nothing had happened, through the joy and amazement of those present.

In Sessa Aurunca a house collapsed, killing a young girl who was inside, rescuers extracted her from the rubble and laid her on a stretcher. The mother, trusting in God and in the merits of St. Francis, began to pray.At one O'clock in the morning the young girl awoke perfectly healthy. People wondered and exulted with joy.

In Pomarico lived a couple who dearly loved their daughter. One day their little one suddenly died. The mother collapsed in pain and begged with ardent supplications St. Francis, the saint appeared to her, assuring her of the fate of her beloved daughter. Shortly after, the daughter woke up to the wonder of those present and stood up as if nothing had happened.

In Thebes lived a woman devoted to St. Francis who was blind from birth. On the eve of the feast of the saint she had practiced fasting to pay him homage. The next day she was conducted to the Church of the Friars to attend the Holy Mass, during the act of elevation of the Body of Christ, she suddenly regained her sight. Now, for the happiness, she erupted into shouts of joy, to which she was joined by many of those present. St. Francis had healed her.

In Ragusa, while a young man was working, it was harvest time, a pile of wood, placed nearby,fell on his head and killed him. The father promptly ran to his son,and started to beg St. Francis to give his son his life back. The miracle happened, the son regained his life, perfectly healthy.One more time, Jesus had listened to the intercession of St. Francis.

In the Gargano, a man, while taking care of the branches of a vine, violently struck, with a hatchet, his eye, cutting it off. The poor man appealed to his faith in St. Francis who did not disappoint him. The eye was instantly healed perfectly, so that, not even the sign of the injury could be seen.

In the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, while the Bishop of Ostia was preaching , a large stone, carelessly left on the marble pulpit, fell on the head of a woman. The people present, after seeing the woman's crushed head, covered her with a cap, thinking she was dead . Great was the astonishment of those present when, after the sermon, saw her getting up intact. The woman told them that she had entrusted to St. Francis and to be certain that a miracle would occur thanks to the intercession of this glorious saint.

To a man in the city of Assisi, for an alleged theft, his eyes were torn. The poor man, so horribly mutilated, was carried to the altar of St. Francis where, crying for his innocence, pleaded for help of the Holy. Francis was not insensible to the pleas of the man, by the grace of Jesus, healed him. Three days later the blind man, miraculously regained new eyes, though smaller, and with them his sight.

In the Castle of choirs in the diocese of Ostia, a man was in despair, because a tumor he had lost the use of his leg. He appealed to the poor man of Assisi to get help and was not disappointed. Francis appeared to him in the company of another friar. With a stick in the shape of Tau he touched the diseased part of the leg and, incredibly, the man regained the use of the limb, so perfectly healed he could freely walk. In memory of the miracle, the symbol of the Tau remained impressed, in the part touched by St. Francis.

In Vincalvi lived a cleric named Matthew. One day Matthew, inadvertently, ingested a powerful poison that acted immediately, stiffening his limbs and blocking his words. Matthew urged Jesus to save his life through the merits of St. Francis. Suddenly he could speak the name of the Holy and vomit the poison ingested. He fully recovered his health.