From: Visions

In this night, in the exercise, something particular happened: I think that God has shown me a soul of the Purgatory. I saw it in three ways.


The first time it seemed to be in a big fire and submitted by demons’ hands to great continuous torments. The sight of those infernal ministers increased its pain; but the worst pain was the fact that it could not apply to anyone; it was submitted to the justice of God and this is enough. It was a good teaching for my soul.

The second time I saw it with great torments especially in its senses. It seemed to be hit in the eyes and the ears with cutting and piercing irons very quickly. Or God! The sense of the tongue had much more pain. In a moment, it seemed to be out of the mouth touching the land and it seemed to be nailed without iron nails, but with God’s hand.

The demons who are ministers of the divine justice tormented it; and it was still where it was placed and it could not move. It was a unique pain, from head to foot; there is no way of to explain these pains; and there is no living creature able to describe them. Suddenly it seemed to be destroyed and consumed by many pains, but then to start again with more atrocious and continuous pains. At the end, it seemed to be torn and stung with heated tips then to be in a burning fire and to become ice like it was frozen inside, but, in the same time, it felt fire and ice.

The third time it was shown to me suffering an intolerable torment and it seemed to see something that I could not understand. At the end my Guardian Angel told me that it saw the Religion dress it had worn whose sight renewed all torments and pains, because it had worn the dress without living as a Religious.

Suddenly I was taken by my Guardian Angel itself to the feet of Most Holy Mary; I asked her to help this pour soul and I said me ready to be submitted for it to whichever pain and torment; most Holy Mary promised me the grace by showing that seal and She told me to report my confessor every thing asking him obedience to suffer for some hours for satisfying the justice of God for this soul I could see exactly in that point. I though to understand that in that moment it had a little refreshment...

At this point I saw the other soul which would move any heart. I asked my beloved Mother most Holy Mary for the grace, lying at Her feet. She told me to be quiet because after 24 hours of sufferings it would go to Heaven while I would remain in the pains. However She wanted my confessor to be near me because there would be great torments by the demons which were allowed – according to God’s will - to flagellate and to fight me.

At this point I heard an awful voice, and I was hurt and I fell down. The demon was telling me: "Cursed! Cursed! What are you going to do? I came to take your life away"; but I laughed. What a liar! He can nothing, if God does not want; and I just wanted all that God wanted. With inner humble actions I accepted to be hit, in penance of my faults; I thanked Jesus; I thanked Mary; I blessed God and I prayed Him to avoid that I could ever offend Him. Or God! What a great temptation and battle it! But for love of God every thing is too little. I will not say anything else. I have reported this in spite of the enemy.
Laus Deo [III,513-517].


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