Little later I became ill. The beloved Superior Mother sent me, together with others two nuns, to pass my holidays in Skolimòv, in the near of Warsaw.

Diary of Maria Faustina Kowalska, first notebook

In that time I asked Lord Jesus: "For whom other must I pray?" Jesus answered that the following night he would let me know for whom I had to pray.

I saw the Guardian Angel who ordered me to follow it. In one moment I found myself in a foggy place, invaded by fire and an enormous crowd of suffering souls.

These souls prayed with great fervour, but without effectiveness for themselves: only we can help them. The flames burning them did not touch me.

My Guardian Angel did not leave me alone a single moment. And I asked those souls what their greatest torment was. Unanimously they answered me that their greatest torment is the burning desire of God.

I saw Our Lady who was visiting the souls of the Purgatory. The souls call Mary "Star of the Sea". She brings them refreshing.

I would have wanted to talk longer with them, but my Guardian Angel made me to go out. And we went out of the door of that prison of pain.

I heard inside me a voice saying:

"My Mercy does not want this, but justice does".

From that time I have had more tighten links with the suffering souls of the Purgatory.


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