The Glories of Mary 1

Mary helps Her devout people who are in Purgatory

The devout people of the very pity Mother are very happy, because She not only helps them when they are alive, but they are supported and consoled by Her protection also in Purgatory.

From "the Glories of Mary 1"

Indeed, in that place the souls cannot help themselves and need relief, because they are more tormented; for this reason the Mother of Mercy helps them much more than when they were on the earth.

The Divine Mother told Saint Brigid: "I am the Mother of all the souls in Purgatory and I help continuously with My prayers in order to mitigate the pains they are expiating for their earthly sins". Sometimes the pity Mother does not deny going into that Saint Prison and visit and consoling her suffering daughters. In Proverbs it is written: "I have walked in the depths of the abysses". Saint Bonaventura attributes this thought to Mary and explains: "I have passed through the deep of that abyss that is of the Purgatory, in order to relieve those holy souls with My presence". Saint Vincenzo Ferreri says: "Our Lady is very kind and benevolent towards those ones who are suffering who in Purgatory, because She comes continuously and gives them comfort and relief!".

One day Saint Brigid heard Jesus telling His Mother: "You are My Mother, you are Mother of Mercy, and you are consolation to anyone is in Purgatory". The Blessed Virgin told Saint Brigid that like a poor, ill, abandoned and plagued man is regenerated by some words of comfort, so the souls are consoled just by hearing the name of Our Lady.

Mary not only consoles and helps Her devout people in Purgatory but by Her intercession She also obtains their freedom. Gersone wrote and Novarino confirmed having read it in the works of important Authors that Mary in the moment of Her glorious Assumption asked Her Son the grace to take with Her all the souls in the Purgatory in that moment. Saint Bemardino from Siena granted with absolute certainty that the Blessed Virgin has the faculty, through the prayer and also Her merits, to free the souls and particularly Her devout people from the Purgatory.

Saint Pier Damiani tells that a woman named Marzia, dead some time before, appeared to one of her friends and told her that in the day of Mary’s Assumption she had been freed from the Purgatory by the Queen of Heaven together with many other souls. Saint Dionisio Cartusiano tells that the same happens on the festivity of the Birth and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Saint asserts that in such days Mary comes down into Purgatory accompanied by formations of Angels and free many souls from those pains. Novarino thinks that it happens in any solemn festivity of the Holy Virgin.

Famous is the promise of Mary to Pope John XXII. In one apparition She ordered him to let everybody know that those people carrying the sacred scapular of the Carmine would be freed from the Purgatory on the Saturday after their death. Priest Crasset reports that the Pope declared it in one of his bulls and it was confirmed by Alexander V, by Clement VII, Pious V, Gregory XIII and Paul V.

The Blessed Virgin asked friar Abondo to carry a message to the Blessed Godifredo: "Tell Godifredo to progress in the virtues, and he will belong to My Son and Me. When his soul leaves the body, I will not allow it to go into Purgatory, but I will take and offer it to Jesus". If we wish to help the holy souls of the Purgatory, let’s always pray the Holy Virgin for them and in particular with the holy Rosary which gives them a great relief.


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