The Purgatory remains one of the great truths of faith. We now know that a soul that frequents all the sacraments and it is amended through a to regulate confession, it has the complete remission of all the sins and it is in state of grace. Nevertheless to satisfy the divine justice must discount a temporal punishment through the penitence, the suffering and the prayer.


During the death the soul is found to the presence of Jesus Cristo to face the "particular Judgment" that can give as resulted:

  1. If the soul is found in deadly sin you is fallen, without further appeals, in the hell for the correct eternal punishment.
  2. If the soul is found that is in state of perfection without stain, in Heaven is welcomed without delay for the eternal joy.
  3. If the soul is good, but introduces some stains of imperfection, she must purify through briefer torments reported to the guilt.


The punishments of the Purgatory, according to the judgment of many theologians, are double and are distinguished in "punishment of the sense" where the soul is tormented in different way according to the category of the committed sin, and "punishment of the damage" what it consists not to be able to see neither to possess God. The missed possession of God what every purgative soul loves with yearning intensity it is an acute and inexpressible pain.

They suffer gladly their sufferings because they are certain of the eternal salvation. The souls of the Purgatory enjoy some presence of the guardian angel, of the visit of other Angels, of the Saints and of the Virgo Maria that can console her and to assuage their punishments. God has created the Purgatory, not to enjoy some suffering of her children, but as a necessary place to the purification to make the soul worthy of to participate in the eternal beatitude.

Thomas of Acquino

For Saint Thomas of Acquino the demons haven’t any power on the souls in Purgatory. They cannot torment them any longer, because they have been definitively won. However it is possible, according to saint Thomas, that the demons are there, when they abandon the body, firstly for trying to lay claims and then for seeing them to suffer and satisfying their hatred.
Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Brigid think, on the contrary, that the demons must torment the souls in the Purgatory.


If love has neither limits nor time
I would want to be able to spread my hand beyond the time

I would want that the beat of my heart
Could raise the most burning prayer
and reach the infinite Love.

I would want to short the pain and push you towards Heaven
or to give you the dew of my love
and extinguish your burning pain

I cannot give you other
than being beside you
in a burning prayer
going beyond the present.

When you are in Heaven
hit me with a love arrow
Inflaming my heart
with the love of God.

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