Saint Veronica

Veronica Giuliani, to the century Orsola, has been an abbess and Italian mysticism, revered as holy from the Catholic Church that remembers on July 9.

Saint Veronica Giuliani (1660 - 1727)

Veronica Giuliani was born in 1660 in Mercatello (Urbino) and when she was seventeen she become a nun at the Capuchin convent of Città di Castello; she died in 1727 after a very intense and difficult spiritual life.

She was canonized by Gregory XVI in 1839 and in 1980 the bishops of Umbria asked the Sacred Congregation concerning Saints’ causes to declare her Doctor of the Church. In the many hand-written autobiographic pages, which she left, the Saint reports an incredible amount of mystical visions.

Veronica’s visions are a written witness of extreme literary and spiritual interest: from the report of her first vision, at the age of four years, until the more complex and symbolic ones, through an inner search aiming to go beyond her individual limits for acquiring a "Heaven feeling".

In the mystical history there is not another saint like Veronica Giuliani, who has left as many descriptions of visions as we find in the writings of Veronica Giuliani. During her life she has had at least one vision a day for many years.

Veronica Giuliani, was called "mystic of the expiation" and in the history of the spiritual writings she is a single unusually fascinating case. In thirty-five years she wrote five biographies at the command of her confessor, 22.000 hand-written pages, forty-two large volumes bound in parchment, more then six-thousand printed pages.

Before any vision there usually are for Veronica two moments: meditation and ecstasy.

Saint Veronica experienced the same pain of the deprivation of God as the souls in Purgatory in mysterious and fascinating way: "It is the top of the pains, she will write; the deprivation of God, even if for a moment, could strike us, realising for inner knowing that we are without the Supreme Good: fire, ice, sharpen blades, and all unimaginable tortures, what are they with respect to such pain?


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