Temi monastero


What prevents to go up the way of perfection, is fear of renouncing and suffering.

As we are afraid to suffer we will have to face greater suffering. Renouncing to sacrifice is a temptation which can be won by thinking to the pains of the Purgatory.

From the book "I will open a road in the desert".

When we are in presence of God, He will ask us about every grace, if we have met it or not, and we will have to answer until the last cent.


The emotional impact that I receive from the vision is very strong. On an easy slope to a hill there are many crosses. From each of these crosses a human burden hang, nailed hands and feet. On the first cross, the largest one, I see a body in abandonment, like if death had already took life away. Suddenly I see a fire wrapping and consuming all the bodies with very high flames.
On the crosses the bodies start with atrocious spasm; Atrocious suffering increases the usual suffering. I see the face of the first body; an opened wide mouth shouts atrocious pain. The fire flares up, but it does not burn up, a body suffers spasmodically, but it does not die.


"Son, the crosses represent the redeeming suffering. These people must be purified from sins. While still alive they were fast and now they pay for their wickedness. Only suffering purifies and, like the fire, burns all impurities, so that the soul, submitted to pains, refuses the sins and realising its serious guilt it wishes to be redeemed.
It is the divine fire consuming them, fire of injured love, which makes the pains heavier. They know, because they have realised it, that all will end when the purified soul burns in perfect tuning with that fire of love.
It is important that you do not fall in sin and you take advantage not only of the forgiveness like in the confession, but of the cancellation of the pains through the indulgences.
Many people would probably avoid concupiscence, if they could see suffering caused by their humanity. Some people speak of purgatory as a happy place where only the absence of their God makes it to differ from Heaven. Do not you remember that justice asks for repair?

Well, also the smallest guilt which you think insignificant is huge with respect to God’s purity. Nobody saves by himself (Psalm 48, 8-9); look for your salvation and purification from the sins in my Mercy.
The crosses of the suffering show that there are no short cuts for the man; the future is already in every day’s life. Work for living according to my teaching and do not worry: rely on my love completely.
Remember to pray for those who are wrapped by the flames of the injured love. The prayer is a powerful vehicle of intercession able to shorten their pains.

Many people have passed there before entering the glory, and now they pray for their benefactors in that shining chain of charity. Where love is reigning sovereign, there the charity is its daughter. Shall your faith in my mercy be great, because it saves, it redeems and it donates certainties giving peace to the heart. Be glad, because you are constantly driven on the way of the true good, not only for yours, but also for the souls of your brothers and sisters. Be peace with you".


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