Help us to go out from here

So, when these my experiences began in 1940, I understood immediately what God wanted that I did.

The first soul came to me when I was twenty-five year old. Until that moment the Gentleman had made we to wait.

From "Help us to go out from here" by Mary Simma

You are telling me that the soul of a dead man came to you. Does it mean that it paid you a visit in your bed room?

Yes and it has still happened starting from that date. In effect from 1940, when these phenomena began, until 1953 just two or three souls a year came in particularly in the month of November. In those years I was in service or with children; I was also domestic servant in a farm in Germany and later in a village here close. Then, during the Year of Mary 1954, every night a different soul came to me.


Purgatory is a place and a condition that every soul lives when it still needs to expiate and repair the sins made during its life, before meeting Jesus in Heaven.

In Purgatory there are three main levels, but I meet the souls that need relatively little for being freed and going into Heaven. I know that for two reasons.

In the lowest levels Satan can still attack the souls, and that does not happen at the higher levels. It is true that we are tested here on earth and that the test stops with our death, however the souls of the third part of the Purgatory, that deepest one, must suffer for the sins that they have made before taking advantage from our prayers, our masses and from our good actions. The continuous attack of Satan is part of this suffering.

The levels of the Purgatory are as different as our diseases on the earth that can go from a simple inflammation of a nail until diseases able to consume the body like the fire. This fire exists only in the lowest levels of the Purgatory.

Their suffering is more serious, sometimes much more serious than ours, particularly in the third level, the lowest one.

It is not right what many theologians today teach, that Heaven, Purgatory and Hell are just conditions. All three are also places.

Some souls stay there only one half hour and others for the rest of the time, until the last day. The souls say that the average time is about forty years.

In the summer of the year 1954 they told me about the alluvium that made many damages in this zone; one time they informed me that some persons were still alive under the snow after an avalanche and the rescuers do not stop searching. Two days after my prayers, they were found and saved.

After this life the time does not exist any longer. But when we are said that a soul must suffer for a due time in Purgatory, it is only because we cannot understand the entity of one pain if this is not expressed in terms of time.

They say that they do not realise that they have not their body. They have a transfigured body that can appear recovered and dressed.


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