Maria Valtorta


Jesus to meet her Mother

Maria attempts to pass between the soldiers felled. But these have heat and hurry, they try to stop her with antlers, even more than on the road pavement are flying stones in protest against such piety.

According to the revelations of Maria Valtorta

They are the Jews who still imprecate by the pause caused by the feet of the women and say: "Fast. Tomorrow is Easter. We need to finish everything early afternoon Alarm time, Accomplices, disrespectful with our Law. Oppressors. Death to the invaders and their Christ. They love him. See. How they love him. The carrion wuth the carrion. The lepers with the leprosy".

Longinus tires and spurs the horse, followed by ten spearmen against the insulting pack that flees a second time. And in doing so sees a car, safe in there through the orchards which are at the foot of the mountain and waiting with his load of vegetables that the crowd has passed to go down to the city. I think that a little curiosity had made to enter there, because it was not necessary for him to do that.

The two sons, sitting above the green mound of vegetables, look and laugh behind the fleeing Jews. The man, however, an extremely robust man, about 45 years, standing next to the donkey, who tries to backpedal scared, looks carefully the courtship.

Longinus examines it. He thinks that he can come good and he commands, "Man, come here." The Cyrene pretends not to hear. But Longinus does not joke. He repeats the order so that the man take the reins to a son and approaches the centurion.

He questions: "Do you see that man? And when he says so, he signals and turns and sees Jesus and at the same time he sees Mary begging the soldiers t let her pass. He has mercy and shouts" Let the woman pass. "Then he goes back to talk to Cyrene: "He cannot continue so charged. You are strong. Take up his cross and bring it to the top".
I cannot ... I have the donkey ... it’s rebellious ... the children do not know how to handel it...". But Longinus says, "Go, if not you will lose the donkey and you will earn twenty blows of punishment." The Cyrene dare not say more. Shout to the boys: "Go home and fast. And say you'll be back soon" and then he goes where Jesus is.

She reaches as Jesus turns to the Mother who only now sees coming to Him, because he moves very hunched and his eyes are closed as if he was blind, and shouts, "Mom".
It is the first word spoken since he has been tortured, he expresses his suffering. Because in that cry is the confession of everything and all its tremendous pain in his spirit, in his moral and in his physical pain. It is the cry of a tormented and a tormenting child dying alone among the worst henchmen and torture ... and he does get afraid of his own breathing. It is the cry of a child with delirious nightmare visions. And he wants his mother, because it is her mother the only one that can calm him wiht a cool kiss the heat of fever, her voice scares the ghosts, her voice makes death less fearful...

Maria puts her hand to her heart as if it had been stabbed and has a slight hesitation. But she recovers, picks up the pace and while goes with her arms outstretched toward his tormented child screams: "Son ..." But she says it in such a way that those who do not have a heart of a hyena, can feel the heart crack in pain.

I see that among the Romans there is a movement of piety ... although they are men of arms, not new towards the killings and have scars ... But the word "Mom" and "Son" are always and for all, I repeat, they are not worse than the hyenas, these words are spoken and understood everywhere, and in all the places, thet rise waves of mercy...

The Cyrene has mercy ... And since he sees that Mary cannot embrace his son in the way of the cross and having stretched arms, she let them fall persuaded of not been able to do it, he accelerates to raise the cross and makes it gently like a father, sa as not to hit the crown or rub Jesus’s sores.

But Mary can not kiss his Child ... Even the slightest touch would bea torture in Jesus’s lacerated flesh and Mary refrains from doing this and then ...the holiest feelings have a deep shame. And they want respect, or at least compassion. They kiss but just two anguished souls.

The procession starts moving under the surge of angry people pushing, and also pushing the bottom, they divide, pushing against the Mother,to the Mount to the derision of a town. Now behind Jesus is the Cyrene with the cross. And Jesus, free from that weight, moves better. He pants heavily and often takes his hand over his heart, as if he had great pain, there is a wound there, outside the heart and because he can, and does not have his hands tied, he strikes his hair fallen forward, all full of blood and sweat, and puts them behind the ears, in order to feel the cyanotic air in his face, he unbuttons the cord of the neck, because he has shortness of breath ... But he can walk better.

Mary has retired with the women. She follows behind the procession when he has passed, and then, through a shortcut, she goes to the top of the mountain, braving the insults of the mob rage. Now that Jesus is free he moves better in the last corner of the mount and he is near the top of the Mount and all the people are screaming.

N. A. From "Il poem dell'Uomo-Dio" of Maria Valtorta. Volume ninth. Valtortiano Editoriale Center..


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